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  1. S2 Episode 2: Claire Pannell - Wide Open Road: The West Australian Music Podcast

    Dr Claire Pannell is a trailblazer of Perth’s noise-art and DIY music scenes. A sound artist performing under the name ‘ Furchick ’, she incorporates science into her creations, taking her sounds from the natural vibrations created from everyday objects.

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  2. A conversation with Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound

    Musician Greg Cartwright talks with host Rich Tupica about growing up in Memphis and much more. If you’re a fan of Reigning Sound, The Oblivians or The Compulsive Gamblers, listen to this to hear what inspires Greg to keep writing new songs. Also, is there a new Reigning Sound album in the works? Listen to find out.

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  3. Oneohtrix Point Never by LSQ

    Experimental electronic composer and producer Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never delves into key influences from Chick Corea to Rush to My Bloody Valentine to Nirvana to DJ Premier, in a conversation about his evolving creative process. He talks about growing up as the child of Russian immigrants, recollecting the “beautiful red velvet walls” of the Russian restaurant where his father’s rock band played weekly covers gigs; his early adventures in sampling while working as a video store clerk; his fascination with “the way melody emerges from texture, how an incidental sound can be a rhythm,” as well as “the hallucinatory experience of music” and the “hidden frequencies of life.”

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  4. Fool’s Paradise with Lux & Ivy

    This is an amazing interview with Lux and Ivy that Rex Doane conducted for his show, Fool’s Paradise, back when HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER came out.

    This interview is essential for truly understanding the mythos of The Cramps. Yes, The Cramps made amazing music, and amazing contributions to the history of music, but to really get a good idea of where they are coming from, is to listen to the music that inspired them. If you think its all crazy rockabilly, you’re wrong.

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  5. Sasha Frere-Jones by How Long Gone

    Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer, musician, and music critic living in New York. Chris and Jason chat with him about the recent passing of his ex-wife, sobriety, being both a musician and a music critic, the importance of our loved ones pushing us further, writing his memoir, mixtapes, streaming music, Substack, and why he loves New York.

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  6. TCI Transmission 06: Lonnie Holley on the possibility in a zillion grains of sand

    This episode features excerpts of a longer interview by Michelle Lhooq with Lonnie Holley. Lonnie is an African-American visual artist and musician. He was born on February 10, 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama and has devoted his life to the practice of improvisational creativity.

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