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  1. Longform Podcast #189: Maciej Ceglowski

    Maciej Ceglowski is the founder of Pinboard. He writes at Idle Words.

    "My natural contrarianism makes me want to see if I can do something long-term in an industry where everything either changes until it’s unrecognizable or gets sold or collapses. I like the idea of things on the web being persistent. And more basically, I reject this idea that everything has to be on a really short time scale just because it involves technology. We’ve had these computers around for a while now. It’s time we start treating them like everything else in our lives, where it kind of lives on the same time scale that we do and doesn™’t completely fall off the end of the world every three or four years."

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  2. A Gem From The Archives: We Revisit A Mac Doubter : NPR

    To mark the 30-year anniversary of Apple’s introduction of the Macintosh computer, we dug into our archives for our interview with Peter McWilliams about the new device. Back in 1984, McWilliams, author of The Personal Computer Book, doubted that the Mac would catch on with a wide audience.

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  3. Fan is a Tool-Using Animal

    What happens when you build a nice website, and a real community shows up that doesn’t meet your expectations?

    Since the earliest days of Usenet, fandom has wandered the Internet, finding remarkable ways to assemble websites, plug-ins, and online forums into tools for sharing and organizing erotic fiction. Often ostracized and ridiculed for their hobby, this community of rather gentle people has learned to work with the materials at hand, building for themselves what they could not get from others, in the process creating a culture of collaboration and mutual respect other online projects can only envy.

    Fans are inveterate classifiers, and the story of how they have bent websites to their will (in a process reminiscent of their favorite works) may change the way you think about online communities, or at the very least, about librarians.

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  4. Discussing the Mac mini media server | Macworld

    Host Philip Michaels speaks with Chris Breen about the Mac mini he’s set up as a media server.

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  5. Science Friday Archives: Connecting Science and Art

    Science and art often seem to develop in separate silos, but many thinkers are inspired by both. Novelist Cormac McCarthy, filmmaker Werner Herzog, and physicist Lawrence Krauss discuss science as inspiration for art and Herzog’s new film on the earliest known cave paintings.

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  6. 5BY5 | Hypercritical #57: Computational Skeuomorphism

    5BY5 - Hypercritical #57: Computational Skeuomorphism

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  7. 5by5 | The Talk Show #79: 8:31 AM

    On this truly Big Week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin are joined by John Siracusa to discuss Gruber’s personal keynote, who Apple is competing with, the new features in Mountain Lion, the future of the Mac and iCloud, and being off the record.

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  8. 5by5 | Hypercritical #41: The Homer

    5by5 - Hypercritical #41: The Homer

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  9. 5by5 | Hypercritical #40: When The Hobby Light Goes Off

    5by5 - Hypercritical #40: When The Hobby Light Goes Off

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  10. Steve Jobs | Computers | Macworld Podcast | Macworld

    Jason Snell and Christopher Breen discuss the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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