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  1. Episode 102: Josh Knobe discusses the true self - Elucidations: A University of Chicago Podcast | Pippa for podcasts

    Listen to Episode 102: Josh Knobe discusses the true self from Elucidations: A University of Chicago Podcast. In this episode, Josh Knobe discusses a series of experiments that try to tease out what we implicitly assume about who a person really is, deep down.

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  2. Is the Australian accent lazy? - Myf Warhurst - ABC Radio

    Judgements about accents usually have more to do with class and race than inclination.

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  3. Abstract Paradigms: Interview 5 - Cooper Bowman

    Instead of a normal episode this week we’re lucky enough to have another interview, this time with Altered States Tapes head and electronic musician Cooper Bowman. A driving force in many notable projects, Cooper makes non-functional dance music as Roman Nails, cathartic industrial as Kneeling Knave, and so much more that it’s probably worth just giving his page on Discogs a read. In this interview we talk about the influence of growing up in Newcastle on his music, and Cooper’s thoughts on the DIY approach, money in experimental music, and making music on a Nintendo DS.

    Tracklist: Cooper Bowman - Mosquito Jazz [Strange Rules, 2018] Kneeling Knave - Stamina [Chondritic Sound, TBA] Opal Beau - Club Panopticon [Altered States Tapes, TBA] Loose-y Crunchè - Doof 2017 [Altered States Tapes, TBA] Hitoshi Kojima - Divest [Altered States Tapes, TBA] Sansibar - Sun [Altered States Tapes, TBA] Roman Nails - Dusty Keys [TBA, TBA]

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  4. Queen of the felt-tipped marker

    For more than 20 years, the Australian artist TextaQueen has used the humble felt-tipped pen to create her playful artworks about race, gender, sexuality and identity.

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  5. LARB Radio Hour: Vanessa Davis’s “Spaniel Rage” - Los Angeles Review of Books

    Vanessa Davis talks with co-hosts Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf about her autobiographical comics; in particular her collection Spaniel Rage, which is being reissued. Davis discusses the evolution of a new literary art form, along with the establishment of women in the comics world. Then Martabel Wasserman drops by to recommend Sarah Schulman’s classic novel of New York City at the height of the AIDS crisis, People in Trouble, which features a Donald Trump-inspired antagonist. Lastly, Tom and Laurie listen to, and adore, a couple of poems by Emily Dickinson.

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  6. ♫ Episode #35 – Musician and Developer Peter Chilvers on Brian Eno’s Album and App Reflection

    Musician and developer Peter Chilvers discusses making apps with Brian Eno, including the new generative music composition Reflection.

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  7. Tape Op Podcast Episode 1: Brian Eno

    This interview with Brian Eno was not originally intended to be made available for listening. It has been cleaned up and lightly edited, but has some external and peripheral sounds including some cell phone interference, chairs banging around and jack hammering street repairs! In the spirit of Eno himself, these "ambient" additions were left in for interview continuity. Eno and Peter Chilver’s regenerative music app "Bloom" was used for the bed behind the interview.

    Original Interview Conducted July 22, 2011.

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  8. Tim Hensley Interviewed By Roman Muradov | Inkstuds Radio

    Tim Hensley is among the many great living underappreciated cartoonists. His work is impeccably crafted, witty, inventive, it feels at once frozen and alive, questioning constantly the language, the medium, the relationship between drawings and words. There’s no one like him.

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  9. Virtual Memories Show: Kaz — “Creativity on Demand

    “When I started Underworld, there were a lot of comics coming out that were autobiographical and depressing; anything but funny. I decided I was gonna be a little different. I was gonna be the Ernie Bushmiller of underground comics.”

    From Rahway to Hollywood, by way of Underworld! Kaz joins the show to talk about his career(s) as a cartoonist, animator and artist. We talk about how he fell in love with the collaborative aspect of animation (and how the SpongeBob Squarepants sausage gets made), how the world caught up to the outrageous depravity of his Underworld comic strip, how Art Spiegelman taught him to be an artistic magpie, how he may have made Mark Beyer cry, how it felt to show his parents his work in an issue of Al Goldstein’s Screw, how he learned to make a story turn funny, and what it’s like to supply creativity on demand, and more!

    “I didn’t make any distinction between getting published in Swank and getting published in The New Yorker.”

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  10. Michael DeForge | Inkstuds Radio

    In a moment of rash impulsiveness last year that he’s surely regretted ever since, Robin asked whether I’d be interested in guest-hosting some episodes for Inkstuds. We bandied about names and one of the first we settled on was Michael DeForge. Michael’s been interviewed on Inkstuds twice previously -in 2010, and then 2012, and Robin’s hope was that my approach would be different enough to provide a fresh and interesting perspective. I don’t think the resulting chat is quite that…

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