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  1. The Ink Panthers Show! Episode 101– Rise of the Planet of The Ink Panthers Show

    This week it’s just Alex and Mike in The Panther’s Lair, discussing that new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie (or, RotPotA) and how great it is. This leads us back into a familiar discussion about Animal Rights, and how all animals have them (except scallops). Then, a conversation about Parents and Comics, some interesting new announcements, and Alex calls out an cartoonist who Has Wronged Him, and asks for advice.

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  2. The Ink Panthers Show! Episode 100

    We made it! Not counting two part episodes, special episodes, PRO T.I.P.S’s, and more, we’ve finally arrived at our milestone ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE.

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  3. The Ink Panthers Show! Episode 78 – featuring Julia Wertz

    We were very pleased to welcome Fart Party and Drinking at the Movies cartoonist Julia Wertz to The Lair this week. We discuss books, television, and pets, and we all agree that somehow cats can get away with being mean and aggressive in a way that dogs never could.

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