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  1. Ep 14: Reg Mombassa - Talking with Painters

    Reg Mombassa talks with Maria Stoljar about his life and art.

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  2. Creative Lives: Jez Burrows

    Creative Lives is a podcast series profiling interesting creative careers – from how they identified an interest in the industry, to their formal education and landing their first job. This episode was recorded on 5 May 2016 and the guest was designer, illustrator and writer Jez Burrows.

    This episode was presented by Will Hudson and the sound and music was produced by Zelig Sound.

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  3. Episode 80. Live from Kurt’s Tosh with @marcelodraws & @patgrantart | Pod Kembla

    After an extended break, we’re back! On this episode I met up with previous guest Marcelo Baez and newcomer to Pod Kembla, Pat Grant. Both of these fine gentlemen are comics creators, ambassadors, educators and all round great blokes. Another thing they have in common is their superb and iconic poster design; in Marcelo’s case in the form of the 3D Comic Gong poster that you may have seen around the traps earlier in the year, and Pat drew this years now infamous Yours & Owls Festival poster that has been plastered up and down the South Coast, even making its way as far as Sydney. They both gracefully agreed to meet me at Kürtõsh down at Globe Lane to talk about their craft, comics and design history as well as a little bit of life spruced in for good measure.

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  4. The Frame | How artist Lisa Hanawalt designed the ‘wonky’ world of ‘BoJack Horseman’ | 89.3 KPCC

    The most popular horse/human hybrid on Netflix is back with a second season — which dropped on July 17 if you’re looking for something to binge at the moment.  

    Will Arnett voices the titular Horseman, a Hollywood has-been struggling to regain some semblance of celebrity. This season, BoJack starts filming his starring role in a Secretariat biopic, while fighting off the demons from his past.

    The whimsical world where humans and animals coexist (and often co-mingle) comes directly from the mind of production designer Lisa Hanawalt. It’s a world she’s drawn since she was a horse-obsessed little kid.

    The new characters for season two come to life in the hands of Hanawalt and are molded through her own methods and imagination. 

    "I start by reading the scripts and then making notes on the characters that seem like the most fun to draw," Hanawalt says. "Then I leave all the side characters for last. I talk to Raphael [Bob-Waksberg], the creator, about what he envisioned for the characters. We’ve known each other a long time."

    Hanawalt stopped by The Frame recently to talk about her process for designing characters, her past as a pet portrait artist, and gender in animation.

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  5. Olly Moss — The Collective Podcast

    Legendary designer Olly Moss joins us this week for the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Olly is an old friend of mine who I watched grow and achieve artistic celebrity status right before my eyes. Olly shares a ton of info about his upcoming game Firewatch, as well as reminisces on some good times we had at Prologue back in the day.

    We talk a ton about the nuances of being a creative and the silly things we find ourselves attaching value to, as well as a ton of discussion about Batman and his recent involvement with the franchise. Last but certainly not least, Olly tells us all about his arch-nemesis – Olly Murs!

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  6. Nga Pakiwaituhi: New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels

    Nga Pakiwaituhi presents a diverse selection of work by some of the most powerful voices in contemporary New Zealand comics, from established, internationally-acclaimed professionals to underground artists and emerging talents. In recent years, New Zealand comics creators have achieved unprecedented visibility and success, both here and overseas. A growing number of New Zealand graphic novels, comic books, webcomics and zines are helping to establish the local comics scene as one of the liveliest corners of our cultural landscape

    Panel Discussion: 6pm Wednesday 10 April, 2013. Featuring Dylan Horrocks, Adrian Kinnaird, Sarah Laing and Sam Orchard.

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  7. Blexbolex | Inkstuds

    "French cartoonist Blexbolex joined me to talk about his art and comics. His work published in English from NoBrow press and Enchanted Lion Press has been getting a lot critical acclaim for amazing use of colour in creating some fantastic books, like No Mans Land and child oriented work like People and Seasons."

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  8. Legendary Illustrators Celebrate MAD Magazine

    Legendary illustrators Drew Friedman, Al Jaffee, and Arnold Roth discuss the life and work of Harvey Kurtzman, the cartoonist, writer, and editor who was the founding editor and creator of the most important comics satire magazine in 20th-century America, MAD.

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  9. Frank Chimero

    In this episode of Happy Monday, Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long chat with their friend, designer and illustrator Frank Chimero.

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  10. October Surprises — Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker

    Your host - "Intro" Adrian Tomine - "New York Drawings" Silvain Gire - "Mitt Romney: The France Years" Scott Carrier - "Jesus… my neighbor?" TMI’s "Chris" - "Poll Fighting"

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