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  1. “Gender Studies,” by Curtis Sittenfeld | The New Yorker

    Fiction: “Having a drink in the hotel bar with Luke the Shuttle Driver is almost enjoyable, because it’s like an anthropological experience.”

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  2. BBC Radio 4 - Books and Authors, Tommy Wieringa, Flemish and Dutch literature, Fashion in fiction, Stewart Lee on Ithell Colquhoun

    Dutch novelist Tommy Wieringa talks to Mariella Frostrup about his new novel A Beautiful Young Wife, the story of a couple struggling to overcome an age gap. And, as Flanders and the Netherlands take the guest of honour title at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, we look more widely at the literary culture of the region.

    Comedian Stewart Lee discusses his passion for the travelogues of the surrealist painter and writer Ithell Colquhoun, and novelist Lucy Foley offers a guide to the importance of fashion in fiction - from Jay Gatsby’s shirts to Madame Bovary’s new satin slippers.

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  3. Our Timeless Obsession With Time Travel | On Point

    Our long human fascination with time travel, with best-selling writer and science thinker James Gleick.

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  4. Are the robots waking up?

    Are we nearing the singularity, the point where philosophers say the computer programs we create will be smarter than us?

    Artificial intelligence is all around us. In phones, in cars, in our homes. Voice recognition systems, predicative algorithms, GPS. Sometimes they may not work very well, but they are improving all the time, you might even say they are learning.

    Come on an entertaining journey through the ethics of artificial intelligence or AI, the science behind intelligent computer programs and robotics. Some software engineers think about the philosophy of the artificial intelligence they are creating, others really don’t care.

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  5. The Film Programme: 2001: A Space Odyssey

    As 2001: A Space Odyssey is re-released in cinemas, Francine Stock presents a special edition on Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. ‘My God, it’s Full of Stars’ were the last words of Dave Bowman before he journeyed through the Stargate, according to writer Arthur C. Clarke but it’s an apt description for this edition of The Film Programme. Francine journeys through time and space to uncover the mysteries of this 1968 classic. Searching for the mind of HAL. and lost alien worlds among the delights of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at London’s University of the Arts. Joining Francine on her voyage of discovery are 2001 chronicler Piers Bizony, former urbane spaceman Keir Dullea and the woman who built the moon! Other voices include production designer Harry Lange, make-up genius Stuart Freeborn, editor Ray Lovejoy, all now so much stardust, as well as those of lead ape ‘Moonwatcher’ (Dan Richter) & Stargate deviser Douglas Trumbull. Open the Pod Bay Doors HAL!

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  6. Lynne Tillman (BSS #392) | The Bat Segundo Show & Follow Your Ears

    A podcast interview with Lynne Tillman.

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  7. Fan is a Tool-Using Animal

    What happens when you build a nice website, and a real community shows up that doesn’t meet your expectations?

    Since the earliest days of Usenet, fandom has wandered the Internet, finding remarkable ways to assemble websites, plug-ins, and online forums into tools for sharing and organizing erotic fiction. Often ostracized and ridiculed for their hobby, this community of rather gentle people has learned to work with the materials at hand, building for themselves what they could not get from others, in the process creating a culture of collaboration and mutual respect other online projects can only envy.

    Fans are inveterate classifiers, and the story of how they have bent websites to their will (in a process reminiscent of their favorite works) may change the way you think about online communities, or at the very least, about librarians.

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  8. Guardian Books podcast: Australian writing at the Adelaide festival

    This time, we’re looking at the world from an Australian perspective. Publisher Michael Heyward introduces us to an ambitious project to republish all of Australia’s lost classics, while critic Geordie Williamson regrets the demise of "ozlit". We rediscover the veteran novelist Christopher Koch, author of The Year of Living Dangerously, and meet some of the rising stars in the Antipodean poetry firmament. We take advice from fans of the Adelaide festival as to what books we should be reading, and we go in search of the new Aboriginal literature.

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  9. Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene Thinks You Might Be a Hologram

    Characters on Star Trek suffer frequent misadventures on the holodeck, a room that creates advanced holograms indistinguishable from reality. But now theoretical physicists such as Brian Greene, host of the recent PBS special The Fabric of the Cosmos, are starting to wonder if every object in the universe isn’t some sort of hologram. Greene talks physics and science fiction in this week’s episode of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

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  10. Overthinking It Podcast Episode 224: He Has Two Levers

    Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather are joined by Chris Noessel, co-author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction, to talk about fictitious user interfaces; they also cover Lee’s visit to New York Comic-Con 2012.

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