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  1. Last Names - RN Showcase - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Ordinarily a function of population growth or stratified class systems, surnames remain the hottest must-have accessory in many contemporary societies. But when did we first acquire them?

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  2. The Critical Path #106: Can Bitcoin Be Money? |

    This the the first of hopefully a series of talks on Bitcoin. The hope is to assess it as a disruption but first we need to understand the differences between a store of wealth, a currency and money. Then we need to understand what jobs each of these is hired to do and whether Bitcoin is better or worse than the incumbents and whether it has “headroom” to get better in those cases where it’s not good enough.

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  3. The Weird Story Of Why Helium Prices Are Going Through The Roof : Planet Money : NPR

    The story begins in the 1920s, when the U.S. government thought blimps might be the next big thing in warfare.

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  4. The Big Ideas podcast: EF Schumacher’s ‘small is beautiful’ | Comment is free |

    Economist Andrew Simms and Guardian columnist Madeleine Bunting are among those joining Benjamen Walker to discuss the legacy of Schumacher’s ‘Buddhist economics’

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  5. What has Steve Jobs left behind? | Marketplace From American Public Media

    Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Computer, has died at age 56. In talking about Jobs, there’s a tendency people have to talk about their own lives through the technologies that Jobs developed. That’s what we’ll explore today.

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