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  1. Episode #10: Knowing & Owning Your Reality (Step 1 of the 5-Step Boundary Solution) | Beyond Bitchy Podcast | Vicki Tidwell Palmer

    When you’re working on any issue, you’ve got to start with knowing exactly what your reality is—what is true for you—and Step 1 of the 5-Step Boundary Solution process will help you do just that.

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  2. Dignity and Humiliation | Evelin Lindner | Madness Radio

    What is at the root of world violence? How does psychiatry re-create dynamics of humiliation and shame that drive people crazy? Is there a just and equitable way out of the spirals of attack and counterattack tearing humanity apart? Evelin Lindner was nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work internationally to overcome the roots of violence and war. Her Dignity and Humiliation Studies initiative is showing a new way to treat each other — from our most intimate relations to our international foreign policies — and also in our response to mental health crisis.

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