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  1. Clocktower - Pioneer Works Radio Channel

    For this inaugural episode of In Session, we are joined by Paul John and Lee Hunter to discuss the role of printed material in resistance. Zach White, Daniel Kent, and Will Rhodes contribute perspectives on Pioneer Works’ own Risograph printer and the enduring allure of these high-speed stencil duplicators.

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  2. The CR podcast episode 10: designer and publisher Darren Wall on gaming

    Gaming has often been somewhat overlooked by the cultural canon but, says Darren Wall – designer and publisher of a series of books on gaming design under the imprint Read-Only Memory – its contribution to design and popular culture is finally beginning to be acknowledged.

    Here, Eliza Williams talks to Wall about the books he has published so far, and the contribution of fans to their creation, as well the negative press gaming often receives, and the question of gender in the games industry.

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  3. Primacism: David Rudnick on the struggle for Primacy, type and poetry’s unique value in an age of digital and physical conflict, and Percy Shelley’s Mont Blanc

    A rare conversation with designer David Rudnick.

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  4. Alexandra Lange, Architecture Critic, Author of The Design of Childhood

    Guest host Amber Bravo speaks with architecture critic and author Alexandra Lange about her new book,

    The Design of Childhood: How the Material World Shapes Independent Kids.   Together, they examine how design changes childhood—discussing everything from street design and playgrounds, to what makes building blocks a “good” toy, and why cardboard is an inviting canvas for creative exploration.   Show notes 👉

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  5. Episode Twenty Three – Guy Moorhouse

    On this episode of The Design Jones we are joined by independent designer Guy Moorhouse. We hear how Guy has built up his career by being self taught and pushed himself to learn new skills. Guy gives us an insight into what it was like working at Airside and gives us some of the experiences he had whilst working on Guy also tells us about some of his side projects, in particular moving, where he creates amazing looping gifs. To end, as usual, we get Guys opinion on what he thinks will shape the industry in the next few years.

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  6. Scratching the Surface — 56. James Goggin

    James Goggin is a designer, educator, and writer. He runs his own design studio with his partner, Shan James, under the name Practise and recently joined the faculty of RISD’s graphic design department. He previously worked as Director of Design, Publishing and New Media at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and has taught at Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem, The Netherlands, and at ECAL in Switzerland. His writing on design has appeared in numerous publications and he currently serves as art director and is on the editorial board of the architecture publication, Flat Out. In this episode, James and I talk about closing the gap between theory and practice, the value of writing in his design process, and subverting the traditional lecture/slideshow format.

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  7. Occasionally Awesome #148: Geoff McFetridge

    Geoff McFetridge is an LA based designer and artist whose work has been seen in commercials, print, TV, film, museums, public installations and as skateboard and snowboard graphics for over 20 years. Geoff is a highly respected artist and he sits down with Nick and Kevin to discuss his beginnings in Canada and how his vision and process has gotten him to where he is today. A thoughtful and inspiring conversation for artists, creative types and fans of art and design.

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