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  1. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 1

    That’s right, we’re calling this a launch. We have a new theme song, a singular focus, and the same randy attitude. For the inaugural edition, it’s all about the latest installment of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen—Century: 2009, that is. Kick back and get situated: we have ourselves a podcast, people.

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  2. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 0.8

    This week, Tucker, Chris, Matt and Joe talk about Wayward Girls, Zaucer of Zilk, a bit on Dredd, then Saga, then something else about comics, there’s a part where Tucker yells too long and Chris sort of loses it, Matt uses the word "integrity", Anne Sullivan and the Trails of Helen Keller, and then Tucker talks about Godzilla.

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  3. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell Episode 0.7

    This week, Tucker, Chris, Matt and Joe talk about Shiguru Mizuki and Wolverine. To be clear: there is a differentiation between the two topics. You don’t have to listen to the Mizuki stuff to keep up with the Wolverine conversation, or vice versa. Obviously, we’d hope that you want to hear both conversations—that’s why they were recorded at the same time. But we can’t make these decisions for you. We wouldn’t ever try. That wouldn’t be fair to you, to your people.

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  4. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 0.6

    This week, the team discusses which fine artists they most wish had done comics, a discussion which leads into Jesse Jacobs and his new book, By This Shall You Know Him. After that, it’s time for Chester Brown and the recent release of Ed The Happy Clown, which opens up a whole bag of history: and unsurprisingly, Joe has you covered. This one is accidently a little longer than usual, and Tucker’s volume drops a little too much for our liking..but we’re getting there! An RSS feed is to come as well!

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  5. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 0.5

    This is an episode of limited focus and unparalled depth, half on Otomo, half on Chip Kidd. Two topics, and all of comics must be contained within them…or, at the very least, a proper amount of venom. Let’s get it on.

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  6. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 0.4

    In this, our fourth episode, the boys tackle the super-hero question, Eddie Campbell’s latest, the pictorial representation question, and the question of whether or not Matt is being a dick. Tucker is definitely being a dick. But Matt’s status remains up in the air.

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