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  1. Charles Burns (BSS #177) : The Bat Segundo Show

    Subjects Discussed: Responding to Vanessa Raney’s comparison between Black Hole and Sartre’s No Exit, anatomical closeups, World War II venereal disease films, intuitive artistic choices, the influence of postwar culture vs. personal experience, half-naked girls with tails, being an observer vs. experiencing something first-hand, the horrors of The Dark Side of the Moon, character judgment, keeping a consistency over ten years, drawing characters who keep their heads down, illustrating for The Believer, Alison Bechdel, avoiding reference shots, Dutch angles, the use of black, The Outer Limits, Conrad Hall, paneling, the split head on the page, the similarities between male and female characters, the static nature of Black Hole, characters occupying the same position over multiple frames, designing chapters with facing pages in mind, responding to Douglas Wolk’s observations, Burns on his strengths, the 1954 Comics Code and EC Comics, going to school with Lynda Barry and Matt Groening, the first moment when Burns realized he was a cartoonist, the relationship between writing and art, literary antecedents and narrative structure, adjusting Black Hole‘s structure over ten years, comfort food, narrative ambiguities, and not facing censorship.

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