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  1. In Tom Wolfe’s ‘Kingdom,’ Speech Is The One Weird Trick : NPR

    In Tom Wolfe’s first book of nonfiction in 16 years, he argues that the development of speech, not evolution, has made humans what we are today — evolution, he says, applies only to animals.

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  2. Sex, flies, and fairytales

    Insects don’t seem to count for much. They bite, buzz around, and wreck picnics. They don’t trigger moral sensibilities in the way higher order animals might. In fact for some, insects generate downright moral revulsion, yet these small presences are closer to our lives than we care to consider. And though they might be unsettling, they can provide a muse for deep reflection in an environmentally compromised world. We discuss the philosophical necessity to contemplate the lives of small instinctual animals.

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  3. Rare stick insect survives through captive breeding

    It survived a massacre by rats and 80 years clinging to a rocky outcrop in the Pacific ocean Now scientists who rescued a rare stick insect from the brink of extinction have returned it to its native habitat just off Australia’s east coast.

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  4. Just Another Fish Story

    Ten years ago, the people of Lubec, Maine, were met with an unpleasant surprise: an enormous finback whale had washed onto the beachfront of their tiny coastal town.

    As the 60-ton creature began to decompose, the town was forced to come up with a plan to get rid of it.

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