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  1. The too hard basket

    Disabled people are rarely touched in a loving way or thought of as sexually desirable yet they have the same need for a sexual life as everyone else. In this confronting program John Blades, who has a major disability himself, talks to sex workers about why they work with disabled clients and the importance of touch to every human being.

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  2. Eating myself

    Exploring our society’s obsession with food as a marker of our identity and why we still feel empty despite all the sumptuous cuisines. What we eat is supposed to indicate who we are — for example, eating organic means you’re ethical; eating blowfish sashimi means you’re adventurous; grating white truffle on your pasta means you’re sophisticated. In fact, food has been so thoroughly colonised by commentary and narrative in our consumer-driven culture that what we eat is becoming less and less about nutrition or fuel for the body but more about consuming symbolism and meaning — like social status and identity.

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  3. Sanctuary

    What happened to the 1970s social experiment of communal living in the Rainbow Region of NSW?

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  4. The Radio Hour Part One

    What happened when two writers, three radio producers, a bunch of musicians, a stage, some fake snow, a telephone, two pairs of roller-skates, a writers’ festival and a documentary radio show all came together one night in September?

    The Radio Hour, of course … An hour (okay, over an hour) of non-fiction storytelling presented on stage for a one night only radio spectacular. This was a first-of-its-kind event for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Over 250 people filed into the Fairfax Theatre for a moving and memorable night of documentary radio like it’s never been seen before. Stories on the theme Do You Read Me were narrated live, with live musical scoring, and the kind of visual wonder that rarely comes with a ripping radio yarn.

    The night was recorded live by ABC Radio National and debuts here on 360documentaries. in two parts.

    Part 1: Telling stories on the theme Do You Read Me:

    Festival fly-in, writer and essayist Pico Iyer; Podcasts darlings Jon Tjhia and Jessie Borrelle of Paper Radio; Melbourne writer Chloe Hooper; and The Radio Hour’s host Jaye Kranz.

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