Wilson Miner: Design alone couldn’t save Rdio, The California Sunday Magazine (Hired Podcast)

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  1. Design Details - 55: Wizards (feat. Wilson Miner & Ryan Sims) - Spec

    They’re back! In this episode we sat down with Wilson Miner and Ryan Sims to chat about their latest adventures in design, Apple Music, design collaboration and job transitions.

    If you missed it, we recently announced Spec, a new podcast network for designers and developers! We hope you’ll check it out and follow @specfm on Twitter for new shows and updates!

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    Wilson on the Web:




    When We Build



    Ryan on the Web:






    Show Notes:

    3:00 - Introductions

    California Sunday Magazine

    Wilson on Design Details

    Ryan on Design Details

    7:00 - Transitioning jobs, Apple Music, collaborating

    Adam Polselli

    Laura Miner

    Adobe MAX



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  2. Hired. - Ryan Sims, Rdio

    Cameron catches up with fellow designer, Ryan Sims, of Rdio. As Head of Design, Ryan discusses a wide range of topics including creative blocks, talent vs. personality in the hiring process, and transitioning from a full-time designer to manager.


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  3. Episode 3: I’m Tired of Looking at Apps (feat. Wilson Miner) – The Design Details Podcast

    Another Monday means another episode of Design Details! This week we caught up with Wilson Miner, an insanely thoughtful and talented designer well-known for his work at Apple, Rdio and Facebook.

    In this episode we talked with Wilson about game design, his favorite products and more – we hope you enjoy the show!

    If you have feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach us on Twitter at @designdetailsfm or email us directly!

    Episode 3 Sponsors:

    Weebly (and their Dribbble team)

    Hover (use coupon code “sovanilla” to save 10% on your first purchase)

    Wilson Miner on the Web:



    When We Build



    Show Notes:

     02:10 - The Factory


    03:45 - Game (Teaser Dribbble Shot)



    14:10 - Prototyping tools


    Quartz Composer

    Using dummy data while designing

    Content Generator Sketch Plugin


    George Kedenburg’s piece on prototyping with Parse and Framer 

    Paintcode (mistakenly called “Codepaint”)


    Unreal Engine

    Blueprints Visual Scripting


    27:40 - Style guides for web

    Creating Facebook’s style guide

    Mike Matas

    Brandon Walkin

    FB designer/dev onboarding

    34:40 – Rdio’s design team

    Ryan Sims

    Adam Polselli

    36:50 – Building & refining

    37:40 – Great user onboarding


    42:30 – Novelty != Value

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    The Two Towers for GameCube

    Being creative is inherently value-less if the creation isn’t good.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The Fantastic Four

    Novelty that paid off

    Batman: Arkham series

    Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System

    49:30 – Consuming vs making

    Media consumption as fuel

    “When We Build”

    53:00 – Blizzard’s lack of originality

    “I guess I just like liking things.”

    55:30 – Image Comics


    Robert Kirkman

    The Walking Dead


    Sex Criminals

    Matt Fraction


    1:01:20 - Don’t let the frustration own you

    1:01:50 - There are no dream jobs


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  4. DS049 :: Wilson Miner, Digital Product Designer | UX Discovery Session… by Gerard Dolan

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    This episode features an interview with Wilson Miner, Digital Product Designer.

    Brought to you by our sponsor:


    00:00 Intro Theme

    00:11 Introductions/Interview with Wilson Miner, Digital Product Designer.

    Links / topics mentioned:





    Django web framework

    San Francisco

    University of Kansas

    Graphic Design

    Creating Killer Web Sites

    Lynda Weinman coloring web graphics

    Lawrence, Kansas

    Doug Bowman


    A List Apart


    Adrian Holovaty

    Simon Willison

    The Django template language

    The Factory

    When We Build

    23:50 End

    Contact Information:


    Have an idea for an interview? Contact me on LinkedIn: Gerard Dolan

    Let’s connect!

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    Follow us on Twitter: @uxDiscoverySess

    Theme music by: Gerard Dolan

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  5. Wilson Miner: “Steal This Talk”

    "Wilson Miner talks about collaboration and it’s crossover with appropriation."

    Wilson Miner at CreativeMornings San Francisco, July 2015. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at http://creativemornings.com/talks

    Don’t miss a video. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1jeJwut

    Follow CreativeMornings: http://twitter.com/creativemorning http://facebook.com/creativemornings

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=15&v=B69C0QvgOTk
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  6. How we build the products that shape us and our world - Wilson Miner

    Wilson considers the importance of products that change our environment and the way we move within it. Where the car shaped the 20th Century, screens are shaping the 21st Century….

    More talks are available from http://www.DoLectures.com/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0RHu8HwDNM
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  7. Episode 12: Topsoil Decisions (feat. Ryan Sims) – The Design Details Podcast

    This past week we sat down with Ryan Sims, the former head of design at Rdio. We caught up with him about his latest career change as he heads to Adobe, what it was like growing the design team at Rdio and what it means to have a design mentor. This was an insightful episode, and we hope you all enjoy!

    If you have feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach us on Twitter at @designdetailsfm or email us directly!

    Episode 12 Sponsors:

    Iconfinder (use promo code ‘ROBOT’ for 50% off your first month!)


    Ryan on the Web:






    Show Notes:

    3:00 – We catch up with Ryan on his latest adventures in funemployment.


    Future of Web Design



    9:00 – a mispronunciation kicks off a backstory of Ryan’s journey at Rdio.





    15:00 – A brief diversion into Ryan’s latest music.



    The Neptunes



    To Pimp a Butterfly

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


    OK Computer

    Warren G

    18:00 – We chat branding, Vdio and working at a music startup.


    Janus Friis

    21:00 – Ryan explains his path to get into Rdio and how he managed a growing design team.

    Ryan Sims on The Great Discontent

    30:00 – What are the distractions of product design?

    37:00 – Ryan shares his views on being a “pixel perfect” designer.

    42:00 – The two traits that Ryan looks for in a designer.


    49:00 – What are the most important things to do in a design critique?

    53:00 – Ryan explains his views on design mentors and why he wished he’d had one.



    1:06:00 – How do you navigate a career transition?





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  8. Longform Podcast #173: Doug McGray

    Doug McGray is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of California Sunday and Pop-Up.“Your life ends up being made up of the things you remember. You forget most of it, but the things that you remember become your life. And if you can make something that someone remembers, then you’re participating in their life. There’s something really meaningful about that. It feels like something worth trying to do.”Thanks to MailChimp, Smart People Podcast, Howl, and CreativeLive for sponsoring this week’s episode.


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  9. Hired. - Bob Baxley, Pinterest

    Bob Baxley, Head of Product Design at Pinterest, covers a lot of ground in just 28 minutes. Product design at Pinterest, sourcing talent in the Bay Area, portfolio reviews, unsolicited redesigns, work/life balance, and what it was like working with Steve Jobs as the former Director of Design for the Apple Online Store.


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