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  1. It’s 2050 And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change

    When NPR interviewed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in February about her Green New Deal, she said that her goal was bigger than just passing some new laws. "What I hope we’re able to do is rediscover the power of public imagination," she said.

    Well, we’re unleashing our imagination and exploring a dream, a possible future in which we’re bringing global warming to a halt. It’s a world in which greenhouse emissions have ended.

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  2. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #186: Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web

    Legendary computer scientist, web standards pioneer, and indie-web proponent Tantek Çelik is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.

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  3. Subterranean Dispatch - Robert Crumb discusses Weirdo Magazine

    The great Robert Crumb, a founding father of underground comix and considered by many to be the greatest cartoonist of all time, chats with comics historian Jon B. Cooke, the author of The Book of Weirdo, about his creation of Weirdo, the legendary humor comics anthology, and his tenure as editor.

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  4. West Coast Fog 11/27/18 - w/ Douglas Mcgowan and John Wyatt

    What makes this episode of West Coast Fog so special is the specialness of specialists Douglas Mcgowan (of Yoga Records) and John Wyatt, bringing some of their favorite music from Eugene, Oregon, Carmel Valley, Larkspur, and beyond. Pretty much mostly from cassettes. Karma Moffett, Ted Lucas, Elinore Wallace, Summer Madness, Daniel, Sophia, Frank Perry, Suze Milleman, Blue Harvest, Mark May, Walter McVeigh…

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  5. Is the Australian accent lazy? - Myf Warhurst - ABC Radio

    Judgements about accents usually have more to do with class and race than inclination.

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  6. Haircuts and hate: The rise of Australia’s alt-right - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    On Friday 15 March 2019 an Australian man opened fire on two mosques in Christchurch, killing 50 people and wounding as many. There has been much speculation since about where he came from and what his motivations were. A manifesto published online by the shooter before the attacks bears many of the hallmarks of white supremacist rhetoric, including anti-immigrant sentiments and white genocide conspiracy theories – views that align with those of Australia’s Alt Right, which we investigated in a program late last year. In this replay of our investigation into how Australia’s Alt Right has been covertly influencing mainstream politics, Alex Mann tracks operatives from a secretive fight club in Sydney to the moment one member was elected to the NSW executive of the Young Nationals.   He also confronts the men involved and asks: what is their vision for Australia, and how far are they willing to go to achieve it? We’re not suggesting these men were in any way involved in the Christchurch mosque shooting. Since we first broadcast this story – the members we exposed have been kicked out of the Young Nationals. This is a repeat of a program that aired in October 2018.

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  7. Super-tall, super-skinny, super-expensive: the ‘pencil towers’ of New York’s super-rich – podcast | News | The Guardian

    An extreme concentration of wealth in a city where even the air is for sale has produced a new breed of needle-like tower.

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  8. The Uninhabitable Earth with David Wallace-Wells

    Is it too late for us? Scientists have spent decades sounding the alarm on the devastating effects of climate change. And for decades, society decided to do pretty much nothing about it. In fact, over the past 30 years, we’ve done more damage to the climate than in all of human history! Now, there’s a real chance we may have waited too long to avoid widespread tragedy and suffering. In his book “The Uninhabitable Earth”, David Wallace-Wells depicts a catastrophic future far worse than we ever imagined… and far sooner than we thought. It is undoubtedly a brutal truth to face, as you will hear in this episode, but if there’s any hope to avert the worst case scenarios, we have to start now.

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  9. Episode 53: What Can You Do — Queers Podcast

    Benjamin and Simon sit down intending to record an episode about what individuals can do in the face of structural problems like homophobia, but an article about violence against women sparks a disagreement between the hosts over the question: to what extent can and should we examine individual participation within broad structures of oppression? It’s the most we’ve ever disagreed!

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  10. Episode 307: A Publisher Spotlight on Glom Press

    Sterg and Derek focus a spotlight on Glom Press and their 2018 releases.

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