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  1. Episode 53: What Can You Do — Queers Podcast

    Benjamin and Simon sit down intending to record an episode about what individuals can do in the face of structural problems like homophobia, but an article about violence against women sparks a disagreement between the hosts over the question: to what extent can and should we examine individual participation within broad structures of oppression? It’s the most we’ve ever disagreed!

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  2. Episode 307: A Publisher Spotlight on Glom Press

    Sterg and Derek focus a spotlight on Glom Press and their 2018 releases.

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  3. Talking Books & Telling Stories: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To David Keenan… | Scots Whay Hae!

    For the latest podcast Ali spoke to writer David Keenan about his latest novel For The Good Times. After the success of his previous book This Is Memorial Device, (Scots Whay Hae’s Book of 2017), it was always going to be fascinating to see how he would follow it, but he has done so in fine style.

    The two discuss the setting of Belfast in the ’70s, the personal connections Keenan has to that time and place, and the way language shapes the story. They also consider as diverse and disparate subjects as masculinity, magic, Modernism, sectarianism, Sufism, and song, and that only scratches the surface of their conversation.

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  4. BBC Radio 4 Extra - Shakespeare’s Restless World, New Science, Old Magic

    Neil MacGregor reveals how Dr Dee’s Mirror, a disk of black obsidian from Mexico, reflects the Elizabethan fascination with cosmology and astrology. From April 2012.

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  5. Iain Sinclair and Patrick Wright: Living with Buildings | Events | London Review Bookshop

    In Living With Buildings, Iain Sinclair embarks on a series of expeditions – through London, Marseille, Mexico and the Outer Hebrides. He explores the relationship between sickness and structure, and between art, architecture, social planning and health, taking plenty of detours along the way. Walking is Sinclair’s defensive magic against illness and, as he moves, he observes his surroundings: stacked tower blocks and behemoth estates; halogen-lit glasshouse offices and humming hospitals; the blackened hull of a Spitalfields church and the floating mass of Le Corbusier’s radiant city.

    Sinclair was in conversation with Patrick Wright, Professor of Literature and Visual & Material Culture, Kings College London.

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  6. Marina Warner and Eleanor Birne: Forms of Enchantment | Events | London Review Bookshop

    Marina Warner’s new collection of essays, Forms of Enchantment (Thames and Hudson), collects her writing on art from 1988 to the present, including pieces on (among others) Louise Bourgeois, Joan Jonas and Paula Rego. She brings to artists and artworks the same anthropological and mythological approach which informs her previous books, including Stranger Magic, From Beast to Blonde and Monuments and Maidens, arguing that the social position filled by art and aesthetics is increasingly best understood in terms of magic.

    Warner was in conversation with Eleanor Birne, author and contributor to the London Review of Books.

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  7. Ep 14: Reg Mombassa - Talking with Painters

    Reg Mombassa talks with Maria Stoljar about his life and art.

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  8. William Basinski - The Music Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    William Basinski — clarinettist, saxophonist, tape artist and one of the most prominent composers of ambient music.

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  9. Alexandra Lange, Architecture Critic, Author of The Design of Childhood

    Guest host Amber Bravo speaks with architecture critic and author Alexandra Lange about her new book,

    The Design of Childhood: How the Material World Shapes Independent Kids.   Together, they examine how design changes childhood—discussing everything from street design and playgrounds, to what makes building blocks a “good” toy, and why cardboard is an inviting canvas for creative exploration.   Show notes 👉

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  10. Episode Twenty Three – Guy Moorhouse

    On this episode of The Design Jones we are joined by independent designer Guy Moorhouse. We hear how Guy has built up his career by being self taught and pushed himself to learn new skills. Guy gives us an insight into what it was like working at Airside and gives us some of the experiences he had whilst working on Guy also tells us about some of his side projects, in particular moving, where he creates amazing looping gifs. To end, as usual, we get Guys opinion on what he thinks will shape the industry in the next few years.

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