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  1. The Field Study Handbook with Jan Chipchase

    Researcher and author Jan Chipchase has a new book — "The Field Study Handbook." We discuss how he came to produce this 500+ page magnum opus — a distillation of his life’s work — and why he is self publishing.

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  2. 0. Welcome to American Suburb | Q’ed Up | KQED News

    Welcome to American Suburb, the first season of KQED’s new podcast, Q’ed up.

    Gentrification is changing cities across America, forcing people from neighborhoods they have long called home. Call them the displaced. Now those priced out of the Bay Area are looking for a better life in an unlikely place. American Suburb follows this migration to one California town along the Delta, 45 miles from San Francisco. But is this once sleepy suburb ready for them?

    KQED’s Devin Katayama and Sandhya Dirks explore that question, taking us into the ordinary spaces of suburban life to find extraordinary stories about race, poverty and belonging.

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  3. Takeshi Murata and Robert Beatty | Bad at Sports

    This week: San Francisco checks in with a great interview. Bad at Sports contributors Brian Andrews and Patricia Maloney sat down with artist Takeshi Murata and sound designer Robert Beatty on November 9, 2013, at Ratio 3, in San Francisco, to discuss Murata’s most recent digitally animated video, OM Rider(2013).

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  4. Google Fonts — Responsive Web Design

    Rob Giampietro tells us about a year-long process to redesign Google Fonts, making the web faster and more beautiful with hundreds of free, open-source typefaces.

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  5. Stoner Episode 02: Justin Ouellette from Lightscale Labs

    Justin Ouellette was a major programmer in New York’s technology scene, working on Vimeo, Muxtape, and Tumblr, before leaving it all behind to start a marijuana testing facility, Lightscale Labs.We talked about growing up with kids whose mothers grew weed on the side, what happens when a project you’ve spent your life savings on literally catches on fire, and how advanced lab machines might unlock the secrets of terpenes, which control the smell and possibly the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

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  6. Studio Visit: Frederica Frabetti and Mark Fell

    Federica Frabetti, author of Software Theory, and musician Mark Bell, discuss their approaches to thinking through and using software.

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  7. The Ex-Lion Tamers and Wire- the amazing story via cassette |

    You may (or may not) have heard the story; it’d actually be the premise for an amusing film: a band-obsessed rock critic forms his own band to cover his idols’ first album, and tours the USA opening for said idols playing that album. The Ex-Lion Tamers’ were Jim DeRogatis’ version of that story, and Wire is the article herein covered. 1987 was the year, and The Ex-Lion Tamers perfected a live version of Wire’s “Pink Flag”LP, playing the entire album in order in every worthy venue in the USA on Wire’s Summer “comeback” tour.

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  8. Hari Kunzru on race, politics and the blues

    Eleanor speaks with British-Indian novelist and journalist, Hari Kunzru. His latest book, "White Tears", addresses the dark history of exploitation and greed in American blues music.

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  9. Zum Podcast Episode 24 - Michael Morley

    Exciting to meet up with Mr. Michael Morley of The Dead C, Gate, 2 Foot Flame, and much more. Legendary New Zealand music and art figure, I had a chat with Michael at a Gate show with Ramleh in San Francisco. We touch on his art career, other music projects, daily life in Port Chalmers, and even the recently departed David Bowie.

    Special thanks to Tim Leanse for assistance with the interview at the Elbo Room.


    HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music)

    THE DEAD C - Sky - Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze)

    GATE WITH LEE RANALDO & ZEENA PARKINS - MM/LR/ZP - Threadwaxing Space (Zero Hour)

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  10. Zum Podcast Episode 16 - Robert Horton

    Robert Horton and Neil Campbell just completed the album Trojandropper, so I delivered copies to his house and crashed dinner. We talked about the lengthy process for Trojandropper and his history in the Bay Area punk and poetry scenes as a member of Appliances, ISM, Plateau Ensemble, and collaborations with players in many genres over the past three decades. Topics include "The Boot," Diane di Prima, partying with Ginsberg at Naropa, The Deaf Club, being the harbingers of West Coast rap, the dangers of chemistry, racism, and much more. A hidden fount of wisdom nestled in the El Cerrito hills, this is a fun one. Dig in!

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