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  1. Core Intuition » Episode 122: Substantially In The Ballpark Of Perfection

    Manton and Daniel celebrate 30 years of Mac, compare Apple and Nintendo, talk about balancing features you use vs. features you don’t, and discuss the wealth of iOS and Mac oriented podcasts.

    Download (MP3, 43 minutes, 21 MB)

    Thirty Years of Mac – Apple celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Mac.

    The Mac Keeps Going Forever – Macworld interviews Apple executives about the Mac.

    Macintendo Family Values – Daniel’s post from 2006 about shared values between Nintendo and Apple.

    I Want the Basics Solid – Marco Arment’s tweets and Daniel’s replies about the challenge of identifying an app’s “basics.”

    Bloatware and the 80/20 Myth – Joel Spolsky’s article supporting the idea that each user favors a different 20% of an app.

    A Feature You Don’t Give a Damn About – My tweet about the reality of working on features you don’t personally use.

    iOS Dev Tools – A collection of resources for iOS developers, from A.

    Maximum Viable Products – Cabel Sasser of Panic on building substantial products.

    Cabel Sasser & Steven Frank – The whole &yet interview with Cabel and Steven of Panic.

    Edge Cases – Developer podcast with Wolf Rentzsch and Andrew Pontious.

    The Record – Brent Simmons and Chris Parrish’s interview podcast with members of the Mac and Cocoa community.

    NSBrief – Saul Mora’s interview podcast with Cocoa developers.

    Debug – Developer interview podcast with Rene Ritchie and Guy English.

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