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  1. Ruby Rogues: Choosing a JavaScript MVC Framework with Craig McKeachie

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  2. Ruby Rogues: Scaling Rails with Steve Corona

    DISCUSSION: 01:38 - Steve Corona Introduction twitter github blog BigCommerce 01:57 - Twitpic Start Growth Scaling 03:51 - Learning on the Job vs. Skills and Experience 04:31 - Scaling 05:16 - TwitPic as Rails Application PHP to Rails Coding Records/Database Issues 10:19 - Thumbnail API’s 10:58 - Restoring and Migrating Data Read-Only Functionality 12:02 - MySQL Building Apps Converting Tables 13:40 - Data Migration Timeline Rewriting PHP Creating Framework Converting to Rails 16:45 - Programmer vs. API Builder Mindset 17:30 - Go 17:31 - Node 18:24 - JRuby JVM Tomcat GlassFish 21:34 - TorqueBox 23:12 - Background Functionality 26:27 - async 28:40 - Bajillion Different Queueing Servers 29:48 - Resque 29:57 - Github: Introducing Resque 32:41 - Turning Things Around JRuby 32:57 - Is Ruby Fast Yet? Number of Threads JVM Garbage Collection Testing Unicorn Puma Passenger 40:49 - Algorithms 43:09 - N+1 in Rails 45:35 - Micro-Optimizations 51:26 - Profiler Tools 51:45 - statsd Data Aggregation 53:01 - New Relic Book Club Refactoring: Ruby Edition: Ruby Edition (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) by Jay Fields, Shane Harvie, Martin Fowler, and Kent Beck Refactoring in Ruby by William C. Wake and Kevin Rutherford

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  3. 001 RR Testing Practices and Tools

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 55:48 — 63.9MB) Panel Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) Charles Max Wood (@cmaxw) David Brady (@dbrady) James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) Peter Cooper (@peterc) Discussion Rspec Test::Unit Minitest Minitest-spec Riot Cucumber East-facing Tests Picks […]

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