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  1. Episode 34 – Model View Who? – (41 minutes)

    This episode is the second of a three part series on client-side development.

    Kerry and Rinat discuss the changes that were made to the sample’s WinForms client to make it easier to add new features.

    They review the three main contexts in their GTD sample, the benefits of passing around immutable state, and dig into graphical user interface architectures like MVC and MVVM.

    This sets them up for the next episode where they apply MVVM to the sample’s cross-platform mobile application.

    Download (mp3): Episode 34 – Model View Who? – (41 minutes)

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    Episode References:

    BTW Sample Code for E34 on GitHub

    Martin Fowler’s article on GUI Architectures

    Free MvvmCross Training Videos compliments of @slodge – Stuart Lodge

    MvvmCross code on GitHub

    @mvvmcross on Twitter

    Micorsoft’s Roslyn compilers

    Model–view–controller (MVC) pattern

    Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern

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