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  1. Nerdist Podcast: Michael Sheen « Nerdist

    Great episode. Sheen’s appearances on Craig Ferguson have made me as big a fan of the man himself as I already was of his work. Now we need a podcast pairing him with Liam Neeson, so they can discuss playing the two pioneers of the study of sex in America(both rather twisted–and put-upon for their choice of research–people themselves).The story I loved about “Clash of the Tri-tones” (music dept joke) was that in the shots of Olivier and Meredith walking in the distance, while the ADR is playing, the two of them are actually talking about how much money they were getting to be in that pile of dreck.And the young Nicholson was much more conventionally handsome than the way he aged, so, yes, he probably would get the more intense leading man parts now.Speaking of Ferguson, Herr Hardwick, surely you’ll be on at least once more before the end Dec 19th, yes?

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  2. Nerdist Podcast #104: ROVE McMANUS/AXIS OF AWESOME « Nerdist

    One for Australia with this Aussie-themed episode of the Nerdist Podcast! Brilliant talk-show host Rove McManus came to our NerdMelt space and talked about comedy down under, touring, and how you decide to leave a successful show on its 10th anniversary. If that twern’t enough, musical comedy group Axis of Awesome rounded out a splendid night with hilariousness. Btw, Australians don’t really drink a lot of Foster’s, it turns out. That’s just something they tell us here.

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  3. Nerdist Podcast: Alexis Ohanian « Nerdist

    “Confirmation Bias” –  the tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses.  This is the idea of surrounding yourself with yourself. Not a good practice, which is why i still listen to Carolla’s podcast, besides the fact that he’s actually funny. I don’t agree with all his thoughts and opinions, but he provides a good counterpoint and challenges my own views and beliefs.

    To all the Nerds here, it’s good to expand your horizons beyond the Nerdist paradigm. That said, great ep, Chris.

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  4. Nerdist Podcast: Anamanaguchi « Nerdist

    I’m your nerd host, Chris Hardwick

    Nerdist is a place where we nerds come together and share the nerdery that we find. It's also my home to various elements of the Nerdist Empire. You might recognize me from TV. You don't realize that's where you know me from, but it is. You think you went to college with me or I look like your cousin's friend, but that is not the case. At one time or another you stumbled upon me on your moving picture box in such cerebral gems as MTV's "Singled Out" and Noam Chomsky's "Shipmates." and so much more…

    Say hello to the contributors.

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