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  1. Episode 8: Marco Arment |

    Download file | Duration: 1:38:02 | Size: 45.55M Daniel is joined by Marco Arment of Marco also founded The Magazine and Instapaper, each of which he sold off earlier this year. Previously, he was the co-developer and first employee of Tumblr.

    Additional links:

    @marcoarment – Marco’s Twitter account. – Marco’s personal site. – Marco’s podcast with Casey Liss and John Siracusa.

    I’d Tumbl For You – My October, 2008 post lamenting Tumblr’s inadequate API.

    Marco’s Apology – Marco responds to my blog post with a brief, professional apology.

    Marco’s 2006 Resume – Marco’s recent post linking to his 2006-era resume.

    3-2-1 Contact – PBS program and affiliated magazine from which Marco learned Basic programming.

    QBasic – Microsoft’s Basic programming language.

    BMW Welt Delivery – Program through which Americans can purchase and pick up a new BMW car in Germany.

    Allegheny College – Marco’s alma mater.

    Phi Delta Theta Allegheny – The fraternity chapter that Marco helped to revive.

    IBM Infosphere – The current incarnation of Vivisimo, the Pittsburgh company where Marco started his career.

    Davidville – Remnant of David Karp’s company, now Tumblr.

    Ultimate Bulletin Board – The bulletin board software Marco enjoyed with his friends in high school.

    Daring Fireball – John Gruber’s site.

    Neutral – The twelve-episode car-oriented podcast.

    Core Intuition 91 – Episode where Manton Reece talks about leaving Heroku for a more portable, affordable server solution.

    The One-Person Product – Marco reflects on the history of Tumblr and what the sale means to him.

    Stripe – A payment processing company with great developer-oriented technology and policy.

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