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  1. The History of Personal Computing » Blog Archive » Premiere Episode of the History of Personal Computing Podcast

    Welcome to the first episode of the History of Personal Computing podcast!

    In this episode, Jeff Salzman plays host, along with David Greelish, in the premiere episode of your bi-weekly guide to the history and development of arguably the single most important technological advancement of the last forty years, the personal computer!

    Links mentioned in this show:

    SCELBI computer system

    Mark-8 computer

    ECHO IV (Electronic Computing Home Operator)

    You can download the episode directly by using this link:

    or, you can subscribe to our podcast feed at:

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  2. Nerdist Podcast #73: Tim Ferriss « Nerdist

    How come some of the earlier episodes can’t be downloaded? I assume they aren’t premium episodes like maron does because the earliest episodes can be downloaded, then there’s a bunch that can’t. I just want to hear the Donald Glover episode which I skipped because I didn’t know who he was at the time (the time being the last couple of months, I only discovered this podcast after the av club article) but now that I’ve started watching community (yes i tend to get into things later than most) I would like to hear his episode. Btw I don’t have or want itunes, I don’t know if it can be downloaded from there.

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  3. Nerdist Podcast #100: SIMON PEGG « Nerdist

    Yes! For our centennial episode (sweet!!), Nerd deity SIMON PEGG drops by to chat about the many swirling eddies of awesomeness in the Peggverse, including (but not limited to) Star Trek, zombies, stand-up, Brass Eye, Edgar Wright, Spaced and his new book Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid, a harrowing yet delightful tale about growing up Nerdy in Britain. HE’S THE REAL DEAL as well as an absolute gentleman.

    Also, a super-secret guest drops by (Joel McHale (parentheses make things invisible (parenthetical nesting dolls! (fun!))))!

    Instantly gratify your craving for Nerd Do Well at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound

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  4. Nerdist Podcast #104: ROVE McMANUS/AXIS OF AWESOME « Nerdist

    One for Australia with this Aussie-themed episode of the Nerdist Podcast! Brilliant talk-show host Rove McManus came to our NerdMelt space and talked about comedy down under, touring, and how you decide to leave a successful show on its 10th anniversary. If that twern’t enough, musical comedy group Axis of Awesome rounded out a splendid night with hilariousness. Btw, Australians don’t really drink a lot of Foster’s, it turns out. That’s just something they tell us here.

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