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  1. Nerdist Podcast #100: SIMON PEGG « Nerdist

    Yes! For our centennial episode (sweet!!), Nerd deity SIMON PEGG drops by to chat about the many swirling eddies of awesomeness in the Peggverse, including (but not limited to) Star Trek, zombies, stand-up, Brass Eye, Edgar Wright, Spaced and his new book Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid, a harrowing yet delightful tale about growing up Nerdy in Britain. HE’S THE REAL DEAL as well as an absolute gentleman.

    Also, a super-secret guest drops by (Joel McHale (parentheses make things invisible (parenthetical nesting dolls! (fun!))))!

    Instantly gratify your craving for Nerd Do Well at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound

    —Huffduffed by kyran