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  1. This Developer’s Life - 2.0.2 Pressure

    2.0.2 Pressure


    Download Here

    Scott and Rob talk to a group of Top Gun developers: the StackOverflow team, about the day their database melted - and how the team responded.

    Geoff Dalgas

    • developer on StackOverflow

    Sam Saffron

    • developer and data geek at StackOverflow

    Jeff Atwood

    ,Mr. CodingHorror and co-founder of StackOverflow


    The music tracks this week are a combination of Fair Use, Royalty-free, and Mashups. As with most of our mashups I won't link the source but you can find them on any video serving site.

    Beastie Boys

    • Sabotage

    Nine Inch Nails

    • Ghosts VI

    Star Garden

    • Rutile


    • Whipping the Horse's Eyes


    • Linber


    This Developer's Life is brought to you by CodeRush for Visual Studio.

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  2. Core Intuition » Episode 125: Never Feeling Relaxed Again

    Daniel and Manton announce the Core Intuition Job Board, marvel at the so-called “Presenter’s Paradox” as it may pertain to products, and discuss the weight of lofty ambitions on folks such as Glassboard’s Justin Williams.

    Download (MP3, 32 minutes, 15 MB)

    Core Intuition Job Board – The new job board for iOS and Mac Cocoa developers.

    Presenter’s Paradox – Harvard Business Review article about the effect of “add ons” that don’t cut the mustard.

    Glassboard – Justin Williams’s one-man social network. – Cross-platform project enabling Objective-C apps that run on both iOS and Android.

    The Cocotron – Christopher Lloyd’s ambitious cross-platform Cocoa implementation.

    Sponsored by CocoaConf: the developer conference for those who think different.

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