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  1. Core Intuition » Episode 120: You Should Get A Lawyer

    Manton and Daniel discuss Sunlit’s release status, App Store rejection shenanigans, a revived Glassboard, and answer Q&A about in-app usage analytics and the value of a privacy policy.

    Download (MP3, 31 minutes, 15 MB)

    Average App Store Review Times – Shiny Development’s crowd-sourced App Store review time estimator.

    Glassboard – A private social network for groups. Use the code “coreint” to join our board.

    What I’d Do With Glassboard – Justin Williams on what he’d do if he acquired Glassboard.

    Glassboard Acquired by Second Gear – Boom! Justin Williams acquired Glassboard.

    Iterate 60 – Relinking Justin’s appearance on Iterate 60.

    Windows Azure – The Microsoft cloud-services backend to Glassboard.

    In-App Usage Analytics – Tweet from Brian Yamabe suggesting a show topic.


    – Manton’s employer in the e-Textbooks industry.

    New Relic – Popular in-app analytics solution. Developer Incentive Program – Terms of the program including a privacy policy requirement.

    Sponsored by Crashlytics: The most powerful and lightweight crash reporting service. Also check out the open-source Crashlytics Services on GitHub.

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