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  1. This Developer’s Life - 2.0.3 Education

    2.0.3 Education


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    Scott and Rob discuss the value of a degree - and talk to two developers who used their passion to pull them through school and into their careers.

    Aqueelah Grant

    QA Specialist at Trimmer Media

    Seth Juarez

    Developer Evangelist at DevExpress


    The music tracks this week are a combination of Fair Use, Royalty-free, and Mashups. As with most of our mashups I won't link the source but you can find them on any video serving site.


    • Change in the House of Flies - Accoustic Version

    Music Inside

    • Sound Objects

    The Kills

    • The Good Ones

    Lisa DeBenedictus / Sidetrack

    • DJ Cary


    • touchingGrace

    The Kills

    • Tape Song

    Tricky Sandman

    • Mark Vidler


    This Developer's Life is brought to you by CodeRush for Visual Studio.

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