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  1. Abby Martin & Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within

    Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges on American myths, war and revolt. Hedges explains the ‘folly of Empire,’ the dangers posed by right-wing extremism and the urgent need for a new system. Watch more on teleSUR


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  2. Good news: 01 Feb 13

    Have you ever wondered why the news is full of death and destruction? Kaz and Finn decide to take a look at some good news in this week’s 6 Minute English.


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  3. Facebook Faces Trending News Problems After Firing Curators : NPR

    On Friday, news site Quartz reported that Facebook fired its "news curators" and replaced them with algorithms to compile the news that ends up on Facebook’s "Trending" news section. Many users took note when a fake article about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was trending.


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  4. David Bowie Criticizes MTV for Not Playing Videos by Black Artists | MTV News

    David Bowie has some questions and criticisms about MTV’s lack of videos featuring black artists in this 1983 interview with Mark Goodman.

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