- Startups - Mark Suster of GRP Partners - TWiST #279

1:30 Welcome everyone to today's episode of This Week in Startups! 2:00 Mark Suster, host of This Week in Venture Capital, welcome to the show. 2:45 Thank you to GoToMeeting for supporting the show! Everyone use the promo code "START" to get a free 30 day trial of the service. And, when you love it, thank @GoToMeeting! 5:15 Mark, welcome back to the program. Are you allowed to talk about what's going on at GRP Partners? 5:45 Why is it against the rules to solicit for your fund? 9:30 Discussing the right to information that investors have. 11:15 But all these new crowdfunding sites will have limitations and safeguards, correct? 12:00 Mark discusses investment platforms in London. 15:30 If I'm an educated consumer, can I invest safely? 16:30 How does this change venture investing? 19:30 The normal progression is you invest for several years, and then start making exits in year 5+. 21:15 Thank you so much to Squarespace for supporting the show! Everyone go check out their new v6 and use the code TWiST7 to sae 10% when you sign up. 24:15 So you have a big announcement about This Week in Venture Capital… what is it? 28:45 Mark discusses the evolution of his writing style on his blog. 30:30 Jason discusses a piece he wrote on Skout that he didn't publish. 33:30 Jason says that, if he was the founder of Skout, he would have shut the company down. 35:00 Mark gives his t…

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