- Startups - Evan Williams Co-founder, Twitter & Co-Founder, Obvious #E345

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From the LAUNCH Festival 2013 stage. Jason sits down for an epic interview with Evan Williams of Twitter and Obvious

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1:00 Thank you to ShareFile for sponsoring the show and providing such a great product!

3:30 Welcome Evan Williams!!

4:15 Was there a point when you were making Twitter that you knew what it would become?

6:26 Do you think that Twitter’s elegant simplicity was key to its success?

8:14 What does Vine mean for Twitter?

8:43 What is so special about Vine?

9:31 What is the thread between your ventures? What do you find so appealing about publishing?

12:05 Blogging was disruptive in its day, what is Medium trying to fix/disrupt?

13:25 …

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