- Startups - Jeff Lawson of Twilio -TWiST #308

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== Thomas Korte of AngelPad sits down with Jason on today’s episode. The discussion covers, similarities/differences in the European Startup scene, immigration and how it changes startups, and the state of Silicon Valley today and in the future.

:30 Let’s welcome Jeff Lawson, co-founder of Twilio 2:15 Let’s thank our first sponsor, SnapTerms! Go to snapterms/com/twist 3:55 Why and when did you start Twilio? 4:20 When were you working at Amazon? 6:00 What did it cost to setup your first website? 8:20 What was NineStar? 10:00 Why do you need to be passionate about the product you are building? 12:20 How did NineStar do? 13:40 Does it make it better to make product decisions if you are passionate about the product? 15:00 How did you come to Twilio? 16:20 How long were you at Amazon? 17:30 So how did Amazon affect your transition into Twilio? 22:10 What was the most impressive thing in the first couple of month…

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