Meet Pieter Levels, He is Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months

When I set to work building my first digital product I had no idea about the term MVP (minimum viable product) and it took me 9 months to build and launch. Fast forward 3 years to my latest project VelocityPage and it took us 14 months from start to launch — mind you the 3 of us did all have businesses to run and clients to keep happy, but still…

Building and launching projects based on the MVP model is all the rage these days. Still most people tend to talk MVP and  put off launching their projects until they are way beyond minimum viable.

Tweet This Quote: I’m focusing on finishing my stuff. Not talking, not reading, but finishing and launching.

Enter Pieter Levels or Levels as he goes by, 28-year old artist and entrepreneur from Amsterdam.  Levels has undertaken to build 12 startups in 12 months.  He is the first to admit that the projects he is launching are not officially startups per se, because it takes years and years to build a viable business. That being said,  he is going from idea to launch without hesitation and already has a fairly large success under his belt:

This is not Levels first venture. While attending university he founded a YouTube channel to promote his own music and has grown that channel to over 100 million views.  The revenue from this channel helped fund his way through school, but after he was finished he discovered the digital nomad lifestyle.

This is a great conversation with a young, smart and abitious guy. Let’s get to it.

What you will learn in this episode:

What too many people are focused on and what they whould be doing instead.

How you can easily launch a MVP startup every month too.

You will never reach perfection. Ever.

Discipline yourself to do something with this one trick.

Why you need to take distance from your product and your ideas.

Taking a more rational approach to your product and focus outward not inward.

Level’s far out statement about the internet and ideas.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Pieter Levels blog

Levels on Twitter


Panda Mix Show (Level’s YouTube channel) 


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