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  1. Descriptive 4: I Want to Keep it Simple, I Want to Keep it Focused with Bastian Allgeier

    Kahlil talks to Bastian Allgeier about how he got into programming and design, why and how he built Zootool and Kirby, the release of Kirby 2 and keeping it simple.

    Show Notes & Links

    Bastian is @bastianallgeier on Twitter

    Zootool shut down notice & newsletter


    Bastian's blog

    PICK: Fastmail

    PICK: Protonet

    PICK: John Oliver

    PICK: IndieWeb Stuff

    MUSIC PICK: The Winery Dogs - Time Machine (Buy it on iTunes)

    PICK: GIFs vs Web Components by Glen Maddern

    PICK: Styling and Animating Scalable Vector Graphics with CSS by Sara Soueidan

    PICK: Javascript… Torrents… and Mad Science! by Mathias Buus Madsen

    MUSIC PICK: Tomsize & Bishu - Mystic (Buy it on Beatport)

    Intro and outro music by Boris Lechelt.


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