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  1. Brewing Business » Jon Buford – Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. takes on an adventure of a lifetime through the wilderness of the south Phoenix town of Gilbert. Jon talks about the Kickstarter campaign and the trials and tribulations of going from a common local brewery to the number 1 ranked brewery in the world according to Come take a trek through the wilderness with Jon and I while we discuss a collaborations happening in London with the likes of Cigar City, Firestone Walker, AZW and more.


    Would you recommend starting a Kickstarter again? Absolutely not, while the funds were nice to have and the support was great from those who donated, Jon felt like AZ wilderness is known solely as that brewery that was on kickstarter. Jon wouldn’t recommend other breweries try a fundraising campaign, but it could be beneficial to the right person.


    What got you started on this journey to creating a brewery? Jon hated school and let his “ADD” prevent him from maxing out his full potential, but after one Christmas Jon received John Palmers “How To Brew” After his wife noticed Jon committed to reading the entire book which gave her the confidence to back up Jon one his journey to creating what is now know as Arizona Wilderness. The homebrewing, while fun, was just a stepping stone on to bigger and better things.


    What is the hardest part of owning a brewpub versus a straight brewery? Owning a brewpub is by far one of the hardest things to do but can be easy under the right management. Owning a brewpub comes in 3 pieces, the business, the restaurant, and of course the brewery. Most people try to where the hat as manager of all 3 of these people and get burnt out very quickly. Jon and his business partners have a very good understanding as to who does what and this has been the key to AZW’s success with the brewpub.




    Brewing Network






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  2. Episode 6: Dangerous, Savage, Child Race: Part 1″

    #06 – Dangerous, Savage, Child Race February 28, 2015

    Synopsis: As Q famously said regarding humanity: “But you can’t deny, Captain, that you are still a dangerous, savage, child race.” This week we brought comedian Jordan Cooper on the show to discuss some controversial topics, including equality and representation of people in everything from games to business, hypocrisy, and professional complainers on social media.

    Duration: 2:00:55

    Present: Michael, Alex, Jordan.

    Episode Links


    Jordan’s new podcast,

    Internet Outrage Machine on 5by5

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    @TheImpromptu for show updates

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    The Impromptu in iTunes

    Download: Episode 6: “Dangerous, Savage, Child Race: Part 1″

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  3. Air-cured sausages

    Among the more miraculous edible transformations is the one that turns raw meat, salt and a few basic spices into some of the most delicious foods around.

    Time was when curing meat, especially stuffed into a casing to make a sausage, was the only way both to use every part of an animal and to help make it last longer than raw meat. Done right, a sausage would stay good to the next slaughtering season and beyond.

    The process relied on the skill of the sausage-maker, the help of beneficial bacteria and moulds, the right conditions, a great deal of patience, and sometimes luck. Luck is less of a factor now, because to keep up with demand the vast majority of cured meats are produced in artificial conditions of controlled precision. Here and there, though, the old ways survive. Jan Davison spent months touring the sausage high-spots of Europe looking for the genuine article, and shared some of her favourites at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cooking last year.

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 7:59 — 4.2MB)

    The Sausages

    Mortadella di Camaiore, from the Triglia family in Camaiore, Italy.

    Corallina di Norcia, from I Fratelli Ansuini (The Pig Brothers? Surely not.) in Norcia, Italy.

    Finocchiona di Suino Grigio, from Sergio Falaschi in San Miniato, Italy. I think the Suino Grigio is a cross between the Large White and the fabled Cinta Senese, which almost did for the latter.

    Salchichón de Vic from Casa Riera Ordeix, in Vic, Spain.

    The chorizo Jan mentioned in the interview we did not taste. She sent her notes:

    Lomo iberico bellota – Señorio de Montana, Spain. Along with ham, lomo, cured loin of pork is the highest expression of the curer’s art; especially when it is made from Spain’s indigenous black pig, the Iberico, fattened on bellota – acorns. The loin, left as a single roll of meat almost a metre in length,  is seasoned almost imperceptibly with pimentón, (a spicy type of paprika), sea salt, fresh garlic and oregano, before being stuffed into a gut and left to cure slowly over several months. Lomo Ibérico bellota is a cured sausage is to be savoured … slowly; the lomo melts in the mouth releasing complex, nutty flavours.

    Ahle Wurscht, from Thomas Koch in Calden, Germany. There’s a video of Ahle Wurscht being made, which I had subtitled, but WordPress does not yet permit embedding videos from Universal Subtitles, so you’ll have to just click the link. That video is not from Thomas Koch, although he does have some videos on his site.


    Jan Davison is writing a book on English Sausages for The English Kitchen series at Prospect Books. All being well it will be published in 2014.

    Food safety agencies have been very wary about meat cured in restaurants and at home, sometimes with justification. But there really is nothing to be scared of if you take reasonable precautions. A great place to start is at Michael Ruhlman’s blog, and one of his excellent books. I haven’t done so myself, but everyone says Ruhlman is the boss.

    I am completely indebted to Ellen Pilsworth for translating the German video. Thanks Ellie.

    Intro music by Dan-O at

    Final music by The Bavarian Oompah Boys.

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  4. Episode 026: GROW GROW GROW FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT | Exponent

    Ben and James briefly discuss Ben’s belief in the Internet opportunity for content creators, and then dive in to the recent Uber controversy.


    Publishers and the Smiling Curve: Ben Thompson – Stratechery

    Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age: Ben Thompson – Stratechery

    The Internet Rainforest – Exponent

    Ang Lee and the Uncertainty of Success – Jeff Lin

    The Uber Problem – Stratechery Daily Update (members only)

    Uber and the Tyson Zone – Stratechery Daily Update (members only)

    Look How Uber’s Investors Have Also Funded Some Of Its Biggest Critics – Forbes


    Ben Thompson, @monkbent, Stratechery

    James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review

    Podcast Information






    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download

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  5. Jackal Podcasts

    Better Know A Jackal #22: Moisés Chiullan - Part 2

    Published on:

    November 20, 2014

    This episode hosted by Mike Beasterfeld.

    Guest for this episode was Moisés Chiullan.


    (20.1 MB)

    Part two of an interview with Moisés Chiullan, founder of podcast network

    Drobo (get a promo/coupon code here)Judge DreddGiant SizeThank You for CallingNight MovesMerlin Mann43 FoldersBack to WorkBuild and AnalyzeHypercriticalScreen Time on 5by5Giant Size on 5by5Comic ShackJim MetzindorfCritical PathAmplifiedQuitiMykeRelay.fmIsometric

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  6. Jackal Podcasts

    Better Know A Jackal #21: Moisés Chiullan - Part 1

    Published on:

    November 13, 2014

    This episode hosted by Mike Beasterfeld.

    Guest for this episode was Moisés Chiullan.


    (16.4 MB)

    An interview with jackal ascended to professional podcaster Moisés Chiullan of

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