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  1. 38. Doug Wilson — Writing is Life and Conversation - Pastor Writer

    Doug Wilson is a prolific author across a wide range of topics: from education and history to parenting and cultural issues. He joins me to talk about his book, Wordsmithy: Hot Tips for the Writing Life.

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  2. 037: MarsEdit, with Daniel Jalkut and John Gruber

    Rene speaks with MarsEdit developer, Daniel Jalkut, and John Gruber of Daring Fireball about the history and release of MarsEdit 4, blogging tools, the Mac App Store, and more. Links:

    MarsEdit 4 first look on iMore

    Red Sweater Software

    Daring Fireball

    Daniel Jalkut on Twitter

    John Gruber on Twitter


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  3. Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant - Relay FM

    The possibilities of an iMac with an A10 processor inside, the delay of the HomePod, Apple’s understanding of professional Mac users, the return of Twitterrific for the Mac, and the proper way to refer to keyboard shortcuts.

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  5. Upgrade #155: Apple Hardware Draft - Relay FM

    A draft of favorite Apple hardware; Myke at the Movies tackles "Blade Runner - The Final Cut."

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  6. #102 Long Distance

    This week, a telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake. He calls Alex Goldman. Further ReadingIf you suspect you are a victim of a tech support scammer, you see a suspicious pop-up, or get an unsolicited tech support email, you can make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by following this link, or by contacting the company that the call center was impersonating directly.Microsoft fraud report pageApple fraud report pageMicrosoft did a global survey of tech support scams in 2016, and the results are pretty interesting. You can find it here.Oh, and don’t be like Alex. Never let some stranger remotely connect to your computer.


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  7. 060 Steve Pitstick talks ag taboos

    Steve Pitstick has been a pioneer in agriculture for decades, listen as he has an honest conversation about agricultures views on divorce and homosexuality   Please follow #dirtroadtour on social media   Time stamps: 8:24       video killed the radio store 19:30     divorce in ag 28:28     breakfast conversation… I’m gay 39:29     navigating new waters

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  8. Masters of Scale - with Reid Hoffman

    Masters of Scale - with Reid Hoffman

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  9. Clockwise #184: My Hands Smell Delightful - Relay FM

    Live from Ireland, it’s travel tech we wish would die, embarrassing tech fads we’ve bought, Apple products we want to bring back from the dead, and dream features for Siri and Alexa.

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  10. Steve Jobs’s first reaction to the Genius Bar: ‘That’s so idiotic! It’ll never work!’ - Recode

    The longtime Apple CEO had to be convinced that tech support could connect with customers.

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