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  1. Episode 7: Doug McKelvey - The Habit Podcast -

    Jonathan and Doug discuss the search for "a word that rhymes with everything" and how this search characterizes Doug’s writing process aesthetically, morally, and theologically.

    Doug McKelvey is the author of Every Moment Holy, a book of liturgies for everyday moments in life.

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  2. Download #105: Live From WWDC: Dark Mode People - Relay FM

    From Apple’s podcast studio within its Worldwide Developer Conference, we’re joined by John Siracusa and Shelly Brisbin to discuss iPadOS, iOS, Catalyst, SwiftUI, and Apple’s new pro hardware.

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  3. Mac Power Users #485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager - Relay FM

    Stephen and David have boots on the ground in San Jose for WWDC 2019. In this episode, they interview Doug Brooks, the Apple Product Manager for the new Mac Pro. Afterward, David and Stephen share thoughts on the announcements and updates from WWDC.

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  4. Upgrade #240: Dance on the Grave of iTunes - Relay FM

    John Siracusa joins Jason to discuss how 2019 is potentially an enormous year for the Mac in both hardware and software. Also, we make time to swap TiVo stories and generate John’s Hierarchy of Mac Pro Needs.

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  5. Automators #18: Terminal Automation with John Siracusa - Relay FM

    Web programmer John Siracusa joins the Automators to share his thoughts on automation workflows, the best programming language for automation, and how automating your Mac desktop can become a road to madness.

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  6. Mac Power Users #466: John Gruber Returns - Relay FM

    John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show join David and Stephen for a discussion about writing and podcasting, as well as WWDC and what the future may hold for the iPad and Mac.

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  7. Upgrade #222: That’s Not a Plan - Relay FM

    John Siracusa joins Jason to discuss the future of Apple’s ARM processors, Apple Music comes to the Amazon Echo,

    the future of Apple’s forthcoming TV service, and the prospects for an Apple-built external touchscreen display.

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  8. The Stalman Podcast Episode 41: Ceiling of Effort, with Marco Arment & Casey Liss

    Marco and Casey are successful podcasters but have an itch to create videos.

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  9. 38. Doug Wilson — Writing is Life and Conversation - Pastor Writer

    Doug Wilson is a prolific author across a wide range of topics: from education and history to parenting and cultural issues. He joins me to talk about his book, Wordsmithy: Hot Tips for the Writing Life.

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  10. 037: MarsEdit, with Daniel Jalkut and John Gruber

    Rene speaks with MarsEdit developer, Daniel Jalkut, and John Gruber of Daring Fireball about the history and release of MarsEdit 4, blogging tools, the Mac App Store, and more. Links:

    MarsEdit 4 first look on iMore

    Red Sweater Software

    Daring Fireball

    Daniel Jalkut on Twitter

    John Gruber on Twitter


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