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    I appreciate Chuck's willingness to jump in and get his hands dirty but this door is not done correctly. It is obvious he didn't install a new lintel over the door. About 6 inches of plaster above the door would be have to be removed to do this properly.

    My Dad is a carpenter. I spent every summer while growing up, going to work with my Dad building and remodeling houses.

    This doorway will start to sag in the middle. If there is a floor above it, that floor is going to bend and sink. The ceiling will crack, the walls will crack. I hope you don't have a heavy piece of furniture on the floor above this doorway. If you do, move it. This doorway could seriously collapse.

    You do need an experienced carpenter to fix this. $2,000 would be a fair price if he did the whole job: Reframing the structure, putting the light switches in their proper locations, replacing the wall removed to add the new lintel, and replacing the molding. Oh wait. I forgot about fixing the floor. I wouldn't be surprised if it cost $2,500. That would not be unreasonable.

    Doing things like replacing fixtures, fixing plaster, repairing windows, … are safely done by DIY amateurs but Never Make Big Holes in a wall unless you know exactly how you are going to transfer the load of the building above the hole, down to the foundation. If there are not structural studs below the floor to carry the weight of the studs supporting the new lintel, it could be much more.

    If you can't afford all that. He may be able to put your narrow doorway back in.

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