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  1. An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 4 “Webmentions and Privacy”

    If possible, click to play, otherwise your browser may be unable to play this audio file. Running time: 1 h 16m 00s | Download (23.8 MB) | Subscribe by RSS Summary: With the GDPR regulations coming into effect in Europe on May 25th, privacy seems to be on everyone’s mind. This week, we tackle what webmentions are,

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  2. 45: What’s Best Next by Matt Perman – Bookworm

    What does the Bible say about productivity? And how does this book compare to other productivity books?

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  3. Scripting News: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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  4. Episode 94: Can’t talk about it | Timetable

    Working on a lot of things at once, and thoughts on the new Micro Monday microcast. file | Play in new window | Duration: 7:13

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  5. Radiolab Presents: More Perfect - One Nation, Under Money - Radiolab

    A look at the government’s secret power to control almost everything around you.

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  6. Connected #181: Headspaced Against My Will - Relay FM

    Federico has a surprise for the group, then goes on to teach about Things 3 before Stephen complains about its repeating task support. In a shocking turn of events, Myke has the need for a Mac app.

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  7. Mac Power Users #418: Workflows with Rose Orchard - Relay FM

    Rose Orchard joins us to discuss her transition from teacher to automator including creating workflows, maximizing efficiency on Mac and iOS, we discuss the Sonos One and the Apple HomePod, travel tips and more.

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  8. Core Intuition » Episode 315: Causes For Celebration

    Daniel talks to Manton about starting to use more in earnest, and fleshes out a rough strategy for what “weaning himself off Twitter” looks like. They talk about the struggles of Mac development, and working around bugs in an increasingly buggy AppKit. They reflect on the balancing act of focusing on bug fix releases vs. shifting focus to a more feature-heavy update. Finally, they catch up on Manton’s ongoing battle with his support queue, and look at how he’s managing his time to keep up with’s increasing demands.

    Download Audio (MP3, 67 minutes, 65 MB)

    Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

    PDFpen: Edit PDFs with Ease.

    Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.


    Wean Myself Away – Daniel tweets about his ambition to become less reliant upon Twitter. – Daniel’s blog, new origin for most “original short content.”

    MarsEdit 4.0.7 – Blog post from Red Sweater announcing the latest bug-fix update.

    Scrolling Text View Workarounds – Daniel’s 2015 blog post about working around NSTextView bugs.

    Lire Review – Macstories write-up about the iOS RSS reader.


    – Direct link to Lire on the iOS App Store.

    Zendesk – Help-desk software that Manton uses.

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  9. Introducing myself as ‘they/them/their’ at my workplace | Public Radio International

    What pronouns do you use? Have you ever been asked? Do you ask others their pronouns? This week on the podcast, we hand over the reins to our talented summer intern, Paulus van Horne, to share a very personal story about pronouns. In the spring of 2016, Paulus came out as non-binary at college, asking friends and teachers to use the gender neutral pronouns they/them/their. This summer at The World, Paulus came out for the first time at a workplace. This is their story.

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  10. Episode 878 - Ta-Nehisi Coates — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of America’s most celebrated and insightful writers. But there’s part of him that would be fine with it all going away. Marc and Ta-Nehisi talk about the impulse to pull back when things start to get good, the burden of being treated as a representative for a larger community, and the reason Ta-Nehisi finds Black Panther so relatable. They also discuss two of Ta-Nehisi’s biggest influences: James Baldwin and David Carr. This episode is sponsored by SimpliSafe.

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