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  1. Afterschool Podcast with Don Lehman - Episode 15: Author Leander Kahney - Core77

    Industrial Design content and community site - articles, discussions, interviews and resources.


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  2. The Stack, episode 68, - Monocle 24 (Radio) / Shows

    We review some titles with George Brock, head of journalism at London’s City University, and James Wright, editor of ‘So It Goes’ magazine. Plus, from Brooklyn we find out about sporty number ‘Victory Journal’ and in Taipei we meet the New Zealanders behind arts title ‘White Fungus’.


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  3. Afterschool Podcast with Don Lehman - Episode 13: Next Generation Gaming Consoles - Core77

    The past couple of weeks have seen the release of two next generation video game consoles: The PS4 and the Xbox One. I love when new consoles come out. It’s such an infrequent occurrence that every console becomes a milestone for design and technology. So I thought it would be fun to break down the game industry’s efforts, as well as try to decipher where they’re going next, with my buddy Peter Rivera-Pierola. Besides being an avid gamer and tech nerd like myself, Peter is also an industrial designer and a manager of strategic concepts at McDonald’s in Chicago.

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