You Chose Poorly — Sweating Commas

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  1. What’s the 10,000 Year Clock?

    In a desert in Texas a 200-feet-tall clock is being constructed deep inside a mountain. Once completed, it will keep time for the next 10,000 years, even if there are no humans around to use it. Tune in as Chuck and Josh get to the bottom of the Long Now.

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  2. NPR: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

    Andy Carvin (@acarvin), senior strategist for NPR’s social media desk, discusses his recent work on Twitter. He’s been tweeting about protests in Egypt and Tunisia, now Libya and Bahrain. Carvin has sought multiple sources on the ground and reported on the minute-by-minute revelations.

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  3. REGGAE FAR EAST #1 - Futon


    I dried futons in front of my hut. I hung futons on a stick and put them up highly. The sun lighted futons. Futons’ covers shone in white. A middle-aged woman happened to pass. She halted. ‘What time is it now?’ she asked me. I saw my wristwatch. ‘It is two o’clock’ I answered. ‘Two o’clock?’ she inclined her neck. ‘It is’ I answered. ‘The angle of the sun is different’ she asked me.’Is it true?’ I saw the wristwatch again. ‘Yes’ I answered. She ducked her shoulder. She left. I got that way. I returned to my hut. I saw clock. It was not two o’clock. Time was ten o’clock. I saw my wristwatch again. Time was certainly ten o’clock. I mistook the clock. I was not a child. Everything became uncertain.

    My name is H.Kobayashi. I am an owner. I was born in 1958. I am a worker. In my house, Yokohama, Japan. I like reggae. I make it. My music is Orient-like and danceable. It is very individual. Listen to my music.

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