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  1. a16z Podcast: Location, Location, Location — and Mobile by a16z | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    a16z Podcast: Location, Location, Location — and Mobile

    by a16z

    published on 2015/06/11 22:48:27 +0000

    Pick your metaphor: Smartphones are "remote controls" for the physical world, or perhaps, as Steve Cheney argues, they’re "cursors for the physical world".

    Either way, it’s clear that the age of mobile is here, GPS is not enough, and with sensors all around us — both outdoors and in indoor locations — it’s finally time for truly context-aware computing. But what will that take, both content- and design-wise — is it all just about eliminating friction? And how are players like Apple and Google positioning themselves for this micro-mapped world? a16z’s Benedict Evans and Estimote’s Steve Cheney talk about these questions and more in this episode of the a16z Podcast…

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  2. Podcast: Mobile Location-based Emergency Alerts: April 17th 2012

    This past weekend, the Commercial Mobile Alert System went “live.” FEMA and the FCC are collaborating in this effort based on previously developed systems, such as IPAWS and EAS, and implemented because of The WARN Act. The system supports nationwide as well as local emergencies. But commercial companies are providing both the backbone and the end user apps to either supplement or replace government-issued warnings. Who will win and why? Will the public understand the difference and will multiple apps be necessary or should there be just one?

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  3. Future of Collective Intelligence: Location! Location! Location!

    Ever met a friend for a spur-of-the-moment drink just because Foursquare told you he was down the block? How about popped into a restaurant in a foreign city because your phone told you that you’d like it? Or got wind of a special product offer at the precise moment you were walking by your favorite store? If you haven’t yet, you will. And your life will be better for it. Here’s the deal: new location-aware technologies recognize where you are and connect you to the people and things that matter to you most. But you knew that already. What you don’t know is what’s next – how the next generation of mobile location-aware services are going to transform how you socialize, shop and experience entertainment in unimaginable new ways. Where a mobile device will know what you like, maybe even more than your best friend. And where you hold a virtual passport to new and spontaneous experiences in the palm of your hand. Dr. Tero Ojanperä of Nokia will lead a panel that propels you into the future of location-based services and gives you a first look at the products and services that will revolutionize how you connect with the world around you.


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  4. Beyond Check-Ins: Location Based Game Design

    This dual presentation will explore common play elements in location-based games. We’ll analyze the popular "Check-In" mechanic (used by products like FourSquare and GoWalla), and take a look at the business and social forces that have influenced its emergence as the popular geo game model. The presentation will compare current location-based products, charting their strengths and weaknesses to identify where we believe large areas of opportunity exist in the market. We’ll evaluate the challenges and untapped opportunities of Geo Games from the technological and design perspectives of the two presenters. We’ll outline how the limitations in location technology can be an elegant part of the game design itself, and how new innovations will help to create richer and more immersive parallel worlds. We’ll describe why we think its time to move beyond "social" Check-In systems, to “true games” that engage, challenge, and stimulate players.

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  5. How to Handle Location in an Interview | Manager Tools

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    This cast describes a simple way to handle the interviewing question, "What’s your location preference?"

    Many people lose great job opportunities because they don’t know how to talk about WHERE they want to work without scaring the recruiter. There’s a right way to do it. It’s okay to prefer a certain location … but you’ve also got to reassure the recruiter that your choice isn’t ONLY about location.

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    Extra ContentHow to Handle Location in an Interview Shownotes (PDF) How to Handle Location in an Interview Shownotes (PDF)

    How to Handle Location in an Interview Slides (PDF) How to Handle Location in an Interview Slides (PDF)

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  6. Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface

    In this presentation, Geoloqi co-founder Amber Case will take you on a journey through the history of calm technology, wearable computing, and how developers and designers can make apps “ambient” and inspire delight instead of constant interaction.

    This talk will focus on trends in wearable computing starting from the 1970’s-2010’s and how mobile interfaces should take advantage of location, proximity and haptics to help improve our lives instead of get in the way.

    Amber Case is a researcher exploring the field of cyborg anthropology. How cool is that‽

    Amber is also the director of the Esri R&D Center in lovely Portland, Oregon. Her work there started when Esri acquired Geoloqi, her startup that provided location functionality for mobile apps.

    Amber is a captivating presence when she’s geeking out about the interaction between humans and technology, hence her barnstorming appearances at TED and South by Southwest.

    Right now, her work involves non-visual augmented reality, the future of location, and reducing the amount of time and space it takes for people to connect.

    Her home on the web is

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