Chris Miller (Hubspot) Using Advanced Segmentation to Serve a Diverse Audience

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  1. HubSpot’s Kieran Flanagan on product-led growth | Inside Intercom

    HubSpot’s VP of Marketing and Growth, Kieran Flanagan, speaks to Intercom’s Amanda Connolly about everything from how to determine when product-led growth is right for your company to measuring growth with your north star metric.

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  2. Product Strategy with Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor by The Growth Show

    Product Strategy with Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor

    by The Growth Show

    published on 2015/05/07 20:50:04 +0000

    Des Traynor is one of the best in the business when it comes to product strategy and managing growth.

    He joins HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson on this bonus episode of The Growth Show to talk about why product strategy means saying no, the best ways to get customer feedback, and why you should think about a cupcake instead of baking a wedding cake.

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  3. The Holy Grail of Traction - Brian Balfour, HubSpot

    Brian Balfour, VP Growth, HubSpot shares why customer and user retention is the most important factor in traction and growth, the anatomy of retention, and strategies and tactics to improve and optimize the various pieces of retention. Traction Conf Vancouver 2015 -

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  4. Why Product-Led Organizations Win With Pendo CEO & Founder Todd Olson

    Did you think product-led growth was something just for people doing "growth hacking?" Turns out that being product-led is about way more than just growth and instead is one of the best ways that a company can get their customers what they need, faster. In this episode Maggie gets the real scoop on all things product-led from Todd Olson, CEO and Founder of Pendo, who recently wrote the book on the subject. Want to learn more about being product-led? Check out Todd’s new book here:

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  5. Scale Your Community with a Growth Marketing Mindset | Scott K. Wilder

    CMX is the world’s largest network of community professionals. Our mission is to help community professionals thrive through world-class tools, training, and resources.

    CMXHub: Join the conversation: Get the newsletter: Join an event:

    Attend this talk and learn how Wilder’s unique approach in establishing organizational alignment, treating community as a product, and applying growth marketing principles can enable you to build a successful community.

    About the Speaker: Scott K. Wilder HubSpot Global Head of Customer Engagement and Community

    Scott K. Wilder, works at HubSpot, where he is the Global Head of Customer Engagement and Community. In the past two decades, Wilder has started and built successful communities for Intuit, Google, Marketo and several other companies. In addition, he also worked on growth marketing, product management and user generated content for such companies as Udacity, Coursera, Adobe, Influitive and Jive. Wilder is a native New Yorker and now lives in San Francisco. He has attended graduate programs @ The Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Georgetown University, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

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  6. #1303 Techniques for rapid growth – with George Revutsky

    The person who you’re about to meet is someone who I got to know at a dinner recently. A past Mixergy interviewee put a dinner together of people who were doing growth for companies. And as I talked to today’s guest, I realized he’s really interesting. He’s got this process for doing growth. He runs a company that does growth for his clients. He keeps dropping out of this company. It just keeps running on its own. He drops out and he does growth for other businesses. So I brought him on here to talk about how he did it. George Revutsky is the founder of ROIworks, a consulting company that offers growth in a box to startups and fast-growing companies.

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  7. Why Your Church Isn’t Growing — Doctrine and Devotion

    As pastors Joe and Jimmy are getting ready for the 4th of July they take some time to discuss church growth, and more specifically,

    10 reasons why your church may not be growing . Plus, Joe recommended

    Outgrowing the Ingrown Church

    by C. John Miller as a helpful book to read if you find your ch

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