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  1. The Future of Mobile Subscriptions with David Barnard

    Subscriptions are a great way for mobile apps and games to lock in steady revenue streams. As developers become more sophisticated in their strategies, managing their offerings and navigating the market comes with its own set of challenges.

    In this chat, we sitting down with David from RevenueCat for an insightful discussion about the current state of subscription apps, trends that app owners need to be aware of to remain competitive, and what the future holds for subscription apps.

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  2. Product Sense Workshop | ft. Kunal Shah and Shreyas Doshi | CRED

    Creating timeless products requires timeless insights.

    In this exclusive session, @Shreyas Doshi shares the mental models required to build great products, followed by a chat with Kunal Shah where they reveal the insights they rely on the most.

    Don’t lose track: 00:00 - Opening 00:00:12 - Product Sense Workshop 01:07:20 - Kunal in conversation with Shreyas 01:25:33 - Audience Q&A

    Follow Shreyas on Twitter: Feel less guilty about your social media addiction. Make it rewarding by following us here: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

    Suggested reading: - Art or Science: - Product Sense: - Domain knowledge, domain expertise, domain insight:

    Optional reading: - Gorilla taxes and how startups can beat megacorps: - Ogilvy on Research: - Pooh-poohing instinct & creativity: - Creativity culture: - 10-30-50 PM: https://blog.tryex

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  3. Engineering Management: Interviews & Hiring ft. Google Engineering Director

    Don't leave your engineering management career path to chance. Make sure you're interview-ready with Exponent's EM interview prep course. Save 20% on membership through June 19.

    Don't leave your engineering management career to chance. Sign up for Exponent's engineering manager interview course today:

    We sit down with Dave Rensin, former Google Engineering Director and Pendo VP of Engineering to ask him how he thinks about hiring engineering managers and what makes a great engineering manager.

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    ABOUT US: Did you enjoy this interview question and answer? Want to land your dream career? Exponent is an online community, course, and coaching platform to help you ace your upcoming interview. Exponent has helped people land their dream careers at companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and high-growth startups. Exponent is currently licensed by Stanford, Yale, UW, and others.

    Our courses in…

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  4. Marty Cagan in Coversation with Sohrab Salimi about Product Leadership | Agile Insights

    This is the first recording from the new Agile Insights "in Conversation" format. We will present you one thought leader every month who talks with Sohrab about a certain topic.

    This Time, the great Marty Cagan, Author of books like INSPIRED and EMPOWERED was our guest. He talked about Product Leadership and what it takes to become a great Product Leader. If you are working in Product Management or Product Development, this is your session to watch. Marty gives great Insights into his vision of Product Leadership and why it is essential for a business to deliver great products.

    Marty will also be an Expert at the Leading Complexity Masterclasses, that start in September 2022. If you want to reserve your seat, check out the Event Series from Crisp at:

    If you want to learn more about agile leadership or product leadership, take a look at our agile training offering at: or at our Agile Insights knowledge area ( as well as our e-learning platform: where you can find free and premium courses. You can also join our Meetup Group at: to learn more about pour upcoming…

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  5. Hören 29:40

    Dirk von Gehlen ist Autor des Buches „Meme“. Und memeistische Erzählungen, einstmals Internet-Witzchen, spielen eine große Rolle bei Debatten im heutigen digitalen Leben. Wie memetische Muster den öffentlichen Diskurs bestimmen, darüber hat der Autor beim Kölner Kongress 2022 einen Vortrag gehalten, den wir in Essay und Diskurs noch einmal präsentieren.

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  6. BCG’s John Pineda on Subscription Pricing Strategies

    John Pineda is Partner-Director at the Boston Consulting Group. He’s a core member of BCG's Technology, Media, and Telecom as well as Marketing, Sales, and Pricing practices.

    John is an expert in pricing model transformation, monetization of digital platforms, and pricing to value to improve core business profitability. He has helped clients in implementing large-scale pricing programs, applying pricing quick hits tactics, and developing new subscription-as-a-service revenue models. John’s clients come from a range of industries including technology, data/business services, life sciences, industrial goods, and financial institutions.

    We talk to John about pricing strategies for the Covid era, challenges faced by technology companies, and subscription growth levers. And we also try to find out if the list price is really extinct!

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  7. Dean Baquet & Joe Kahn: What’s next for the New York Times?

    Last week, after years of public speculation on the matter, the New York Times named Joe Kahn as Dean Baquet’s successor to the position of executive editor. How did that process play out behind closed doors? And, as the midterms draw near, how does Kahn plan to cover the threat to American democracy?

    Baquet and Kahn sat down with Kyle Pope to discuss objectivity, the evolution of the paper from a news outlet to something we’ve never seen before, and—inevitably—Wordle.

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  8. Hören 66:27

    1945 in Indien geboren war sie die erste nicht-weiße Journalistin im deutschen Fernsehen. Als Tochter aus großbürgerlichem Elternhaus ungarisch-indischer Einwanderer kam sie 1963 nach Deutschland. Sie arbeitete für die TV-Sendungen „Panorama“ und „Weltspiegel“. Migration, Menschenrechte und die Auslandsberichterstattung wurden ihr Metier, der Satz "bekennen, nicht berichten" ihre Losung.

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