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  1. BCG’s John Pineda on Subscription Pricing Strategies

    John Pineda is Partner-Director at the Boston Consulting Group. He’s a core member of BCG’s Technology, Media, and Telecom as well as Marketing, Sales, and Pricing practices.

    John is an expert in pricing model transformation, monetization of digital platforms, and pricing to value to improve core business profitability. He has helped clients in implementing large-scale pricing programs, applying pricing quick hits tactics, and developing new subscription-as-a-service revenue models. John’s clients come from a range of industries including technology, data/business services, life sciences, industrial goods, and financial institutions.

    We talk to John about pricing strategies for the Covid era, challenges faced by technology companies, and subscription growth levers. And we also try to find out if the list price is really extinct!

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  2. Dean Baquet & Joe Kahn: What’s next for the New York Times?

    Last week, after years of public speculation on the matter, the New York Times named Joe Kahn as Dean Baquet’s successor to the position of executive editor. How did that process play out behind closed doors? And, as the midterms draw near, how does Kahn plan to cover the threat to American democracy?

    Baquet and Kahn sat down with Kyle Pope to discuss objectivity, the evolution of the paper from a news outlet to something we’ve never seen before, and—inevitably—Wordle.

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  3. Hören 66:27

    1945 in Indien geboren war sie die erste nicht-weiße Journalistin im deutschen Fernsehen. Als Tochter aus großbürgerlichem Elternhaus ungarisch-indischer Einwanderer kam sie 1963 nach Deutschland. Sie arbeitete für die TV-Sendungen „Panorama“ und „Weltspiegel“. Migration, Menschenrechte und die Auslandsberichterstattung wurden ihr Metier, der Satz "bekennen, nicht berichten" ihre Losung.

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  4. Time Management for Senior Product Managers and Product Leaders - @shreyas Super Followers Session




    Related thread for reference:

    Reference doc with links:

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  5. AMA with Marty Cagan

    Acclaimed Author, Product Guru, and Founder of Silicon Valley Product Group: Marty Cagan will be joining us for an exclusive AMA session!

    Prepare your questions for the man behind the best-sellers: "Inspired" and "Empowered" as he takes them on during our live session.

    About the speaker:

    Schedule (CET) 18:30- 19:15 Q&A Session

    About the Organizers We are on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products faster. We do this by empowering our community to share knowledge generously. And through our consulting engagements, we do all the hands-on and unglamorous work of a Product Manager on an Interim basis (3-36 months). We onboard fast, align teams, and deliver outcomes.

    Join the conversation on Connect on ️ Contribute here → Watch

    Step Up Want to speak at our next events? Email

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  6. iq digital guidance panel 2021 - Vorwärtsmacherinnen vs. Vorwärtsdenker

    Vorwärtsmacherinnen vs. Vorwärtsdenker: Wie sehen Zukunftskonzepte für Medien, Unternehmen und Gesellschaft aus?

    Wie anders würde unsere Zukunft aussehen, wenn sie rein von Männern oder rein von Frauen gestaltet wird? Und wie entwickelt sich dann jeweils der gesellschaftliche, mediale oder auch unternehmerische Umgang mit Themen, die uns zukünftig beschäftigen? Und welche werden das sein?

    Im hochkarätig besetzten Panel der iq digital moderiert Journalistin und Fernsehmoderatorin Judith Rakers die Diskussion.

    Mit dabei sind: Rainer Esser, Geschäftsführer DIE ZEIT Carsten Knop, Herausgeber F.A.Z. Dr. Katarzyna Mol-Wolf, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin INSPIRING NETWORK und Editorial Director EMOTION Verlag GmbH Hannes Vollmuth, Leitender Redakteur für Digitalstrategie und Innovation bei Süddeutsche Zeitung Victoria Wagner, Gründerin und CEO von Beyond Gender Agenda Andrea Wasmuth, Geschäftsführerin Handelsblatt Media Group

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  7. The Invisible Leader: Facilitation Secrets - Elena Astilleros on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast] - Mind the Product

    One of the things we’ve learned as product people in 2020? Just how important great facilitation skills are. That’s why we’re revisiting our chat with Elena Astilleros, author of "Invisible Leader: Facilitation secrets for catalyzing change, cultivating, innovation, and commanding results".

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