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  1. Becoming an outstanding Product Owner

    To learn how to overcome the inevitable challenges ahead of you and deliver real value, Subscribe to the course Becoming and Outstanding Product Owner:

    — Getting a job as a Product Owner is only the beginning of a journey. To excel in this role, you have to develop a value-driven mindset to lead teams in a meaningful direction.

    Unfortunately, you will hardly find a well-established environment to deliver value. Misconceptions are the only certainty on your way. Here are some examples: - Roadmaps limit teams from focusing on value. Instead, the goal is to deliver features respecting the deadline. - No matter what you do, it’s never enough. Stakeholders always pressure you for more, yet an overarching goal is absent. - Scaling becomes a nightmare: more people, more complexity, and ultimately sub-optimal result.

    If you can connect to any of these points, I know your pain really well. Let me share with you my learnings on what it takes to become an advanced Product Owner.

    I hope that at the end of this webinar, you will get insights you can apply to your scenario.

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  2. Leadership and Agile Maturity - Online Scrum Community

    Referent: Ron Eringa, Agile Leadership School

    Leadership & Agile Maturity

    Most agile implementations do not mature because organizations lack the right leadership skills to create a culture that supports the growth of self-managing teams.

    In this session we will explore some patterns how agile typically matures in an organization, how your leadership style impacts this maturity and what you can do as a leader to increase the self-managing capabilities of the agile teams in your organization.

    I will share a number of real-life situations that reveal the relationship between leadership style and agile team maturity. These situations will expose some of the typical leadership pitfalls and some practical tips on how to best engage as a leader with agile teams. I will also share some of the culture measurements that we have used to predict the outcome of an Agile transformation.

    What you will learn

    We learned that our ability to design culture has the most impact on your organization’s Agile maturity. In this session you will learn the most important pitfalls, tips and tricks on how to get started with designing an agile leadership culture.

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    Teil 1/3 am 11.06.2021: "Leadership & Agile Maturity" mit Ron Eringa

    Teil 2/3 am 25.06.2021: "Führen in (mehr) Selbs…

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  3. Does Advertising Actually Work? (Part 2: Digital) (Ep. 441) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    Google and Facebook are worth a combined $2 trillion, with the vast majority of their revenue coming from advertising. In our previous episode, we learned that TV advertising is much less effective than the industry says. Is digital any better? Some say yes, some say no — and some say we’re in a full-blown digital-ad bubble.

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  4. Minimally Viable E13 - Matt Lerner, former Partner at 500 Startups and founder at Startup Core Strengths on his takeaways seeing hundreds of startups fail and succeed, and what it takes to succeed at early-stage growth | Minimally Viable

    In today’s episode of Minimally Viable we talk to Matt Lerner, previous 500 Startups Partner and founder and CEO of Startup Core Strengths. Matt started his startup career at the early stages of Paypal in 2004 and joined 500 Startups as a Partner in 2015 to advise startups on how to grow. Today, he helps founders grow and shape their startups with Startup Core Strengths. We discuss PMF, growth, ownership and common mistakes founders make in their founding journey

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  5. Talk Therapy | #80 - Alex Lieberman opens up about his move from CEO to Executive Chairman of Morning Brew

    “I would say the last 3 months have been probably the most anxious months of the last 6 years for me.”

    Alex Lieberman’s identity for the past 7 years has been almost entirely about being the co-founder and CEO of Morning Brew. He created it from scratch, grew it to a $20m business, and then sold it for a reported ~$75m to Axel Springer, the parent company of Insider.

    But now all of that is in the past. While Alex will always be a co-founder of Morning Brew, he doesn’t own the business anymore. And, about a month ago, an even bigger change happened: Alex stepped out of the CEO role, and his co-founder Austin Rief stepped up.

    Exiting is always an awkward topic. On the one hand, it can make you very rich. On the other hand, it carries with it a whole host of complicated issues: a loss of identity, a loss of purpose, and a changed relationship with the people you work with most closely.

    Unfortunately, most founders never talk about this to anyone beyond their inner circle. There is a fear of being seen as weak, or as a complainer. But the best leaders understand the power that comes from honest vulnerability.

    Fortunately, in the first few minutes of this interview Alex Lieberman refers to himself as an “oversharer.” And he doesn’t shy away from talking about exactly the kinds of things that most people think they need to keep to themselves. In this interview we talk about:

    • What it was like to sell his business, and to move from CEO to Executive Chairman.

    • Why the last few months have been the most anxious of his career since founded Morning Brew

    • His worries about how people might perceive his move to Executive Chairman, and his relationship with his co-founder

    • His feelings of lost identity, and his fears around losing what he is most passionate about

    • His struggles with OCD and panic during his years building Morning Brew, and the ways he’s worked to cope with them

    Alex comes off as vulnerable, honest, and extremely self-aware. We were honored to have him on, and we think you’ll learn a lot from this episode. We did too.

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  6. Krimi mit Bjarne Mädel: Der zweite Fall aus Katenbüll - Sörensen fängt Feuer (Archiv)

    Katenbüll kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Ein neuer Fall erschüttert die nordfriesische Gemeinde. Und Kommissar Sörensen kämpft auch gegen die eigenen Dämonen, seit er die Medikamente gegen seine Angststörung abgesetzt hat.

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