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  1. The Personal Data Revolution

    It’s possible for the average person to collect and analyze unprecedented amounts of data about themselves. What was once the province of extreme athletes and dieters has been democratized and the resulting movement is called 'The Quantified Self.' Brooke speaks with Gary Wolf, who coined the term, a number of self-quantifiers, and MIT professor Deb Roy about what all this personal data really tells us about ourselves.


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  2. Brian Greene: A Physicist Explains ‘The Hidden Reality’ Of Parallel Universes : NPR

    It is possible that there are many other universes that exist parallel to our universe. Theoretical physicist Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe, explains how that's possible in the new book, The Hidden Reality.


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  3. On The Map 10: Maps of the Mind

    The most powerful maps aren't found on paper or a computer screen. They're the maps we hold in our memories and imaginations. Mike Parker visits a primary school in his home town to compare the pupils' maps with his own, drawn from childhood recollection. And he takes a trip to Ambridge, home of the Archers, to meet Eddie Grundy and ask him for directions around the village.

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  4. On The Map 2: Mapping the Metropolis

    How do you make sense of a strange city and turn a bewildering maze of streets into a map that's instantly informative to a confused visitor? Mike Parker hits the city streets to find out what makes the ideal map for steering us through the urban jungle. He meets the man who has made it his mission to single-handedly create a new map of Manchester, and discovers how digesting the entire London A to Z makes cabbies' brains bigger.

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  5. On The Map 1: The Map Makers

    Episode one of On The Map from BBC Radio 4.

    Self-confessed map addict Mike Parker explores modern cartography. If a picture paints a thousand words, a map can paint a million. They help us navigate our way through unfamiliar landscapes and cities, entice us into new places and give us a bigger picture of the world we inhabit.

    Mike considers the maps he first fell in love with as a teenager — Ordnance Survey maps.

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  6. NSFW012 Melodie kost’ extra

    Die zwölfte Ausgabe des überflüssigen Unsinns von mir und Holgi ist jetzt auch hier verfügbar. Blog war down, deswegen gab es das bisher nur per BitTorrent. Wer von solchen Vorfällen Kenntnis nehmen möchte sollte mir auf Twitter folgen oder warten.

    Zum Inhalt kann man nicht viel sagen: irgendwie geht es um Pissverzäll, Übersteuerung, Air Quotes, Unhappy Hipsters, Kurt Beck, Elterngeld, den Bundeshorst, Fußball und sonstige Nichtigkeiten.

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