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  1. Write With Courage! - Scott Adams - Persuade Like Trump | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand

    Listen to Write With Courage! episodes free, on demand. Cartoonist creator of Dilbert and Author of 15 books, Scott Adams talks life, writing, persuasion and Donald Trump with Thor (@thorholt). "I focus on persuasion. Only one candidate is good at it. I can't change that." Enjoy more of Scott's wisdom on Trump - connect with him on twitter @scottadamssays and tell him Thor Holt from Write With Courage sent you! Write With Courage Podcast will only ever work commercially with organisations who fit with our values: encouragement and freedom. This is why we are sponsored by Audible. Go and get a free trial audio book, because; you can listen to it in the car, your eyes won't get sore reading and because we spend eight hours (480 minutes) or more in research, logistics to get guests on, admin, all to bring you the show for free :) Go to http://www.audibletrial.com/WriteWithCourage  right now and take just one minute of your time to get set up with an audio book. Perhaps try 'God's Debris: A Thought Experiment' by Scott Adams. Publishers Summary: God's Debris can be a mind altering experience. Fair Warning: Because of the hypnotic writing style, readers tend to have strong reactions to the work. Listen to over 40,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio.


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  2. “I had a product. But having a product wasn’t enough to be a success.” | Unicornfree with Amy Hoy: Creating And Selling Your Own Products

    Jim Gay is a busy dad. A REALLY busy dad, with 4 kids.

    He started thinking about switching from consulting to a product business so he could spend more time with his family…because he was tired of working endless, stressful hours to pay the bills.

    He built a product – the obvious next step for most makers, right? He started to sell it to his consulting clients. But that’s where he got stuck. A story that sooooo many aspiring product-biz owners can relate to.

    Then he took 30×500. Nothing changed for a while. Finally, two years later…

    Jim created a new product and did $10,000 in launch sales in a weekend

    At the time when Jim and I recorded our podcast interview below – nearly 3 months ago – he’d grossed over $60,000 in product revenue since he first launched book pre-sales.

    The all-important question you’re probably asking:

    What happened in between those two years? What changed between the failed, stuck attempt at selling a product and a successful 5 figure launch?

    That’s exactly what Jim and I cover in this interview. This episode is the PERFECT complement for the tidying process that Amy and I talked about in episodes 6 and 7.

    In case you missed those episodes, or need a refresher, one of the many things we talked about was how often people desperately hang on to work they’ve already done, even though it’s not getting them the results they want.

    In THIS episode, you’ll find out:

    The specific motivations and goals that Jim for launching a product business in the first place

    The mistakes he made with his original product attempt, and what he did differently the second time…including the “tidying” he needed to do

    How he built an audience of people who wanted to buy his products, even though nobody had ever heard of him before

    Some of Jim’s specific techniques for shipping ebombs that his audience loved

    The biggest mistake Jim made while creating his new product, one that almost cost him the win, and the emotional toll it took

    How he bounced back from that mistake and the step-by-step of how he executed his $10,000 launch weekend

    The biggest thing Jim continues to struggle with after launch, and how he’s trying to get better

    Learn how Jim Gay stacked his first brick

    If you wanna listen to this on your phone, you can add our Stacking Bricks podcast from iTunes and tune in to Episode #9.


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  3. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen | 43 Folders

    Download MP3 of "Productive Talk Compilation" As promised, here's the single-file compilation of the Productive Talk podcast interviews I did with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. The final version's eight episodes clock in at a


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