War Rocket Ajax SCOIP #8

We’ve talked to a lot of guests about spooky things, but we’ve rarely interviewed anyone who lives in a spooky place. This week, we welcome Christopher Sebela, a comics writer and friend of the show, who’s living for an entire month at the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. He tells us about almost getting kidnapped, the strange packages he’s been getting, getting his stay funded on Kickstarter, the weird stuff that’s happening as we’re talking to him, and so much more. Plus, a spoooooky listener question!

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The Rundown:

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Here’s one of the many articles that calls the clown motel “America’s scariest motel.”

Skip ahead to about the 2-hour mark to hear Christopher’s call in to The Best Show.

Here’s our pal Karla and the results of her 72-ounce steak challenge.

Chris’ check and rec: Flood, Elementary

Matt’s check and rec: New iMac, Super Time Force Ultra

Music used: radask, “Forsaken Forest”

Comics Reviewed:

Jughead #1

Siege #4

Batman & Robin Eternal #1

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