The UNTOD HISTORY of Michael Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton's Batman has an Untold History. He is returning in the Flash after being a recluse for 30 years…so what has he been doing for forty years? What's the Untold History of this Batman?

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn ( Hosted by Ryan Arey ( Edited by Lee Mazzio and Rohail Mistry

So we’re going to break down what exactly Keaton’s role will be in this film and what his Batman has been up to all these years. What other villains did he face? Did he ever have a Robin? Did he ever have kids?

And what tragic event led to him hanging up the cape and cowl and becoming the reclusive and defeated looking Bruce Wayne we saw a glimpse of in this trailer.

But to answer all of that and more, we need to start with some history. [clip]

Michael Keaton’s Batman was the 2nd Batman to grace the big screen in Tim Burton’s 1989, Batman.

Doug: 2nd Batman? I thought Keaton was the firs…

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