The Origin of Dragons in Game of Thrones | Theories and Lore

Dragons are the nuclear weapons in the world of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. In fact, long before the events of these two series, Aegon the Conqueror became the first Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and King on the Iron Throne thanks to the power of three dragons. But Aegon, and House Targaryen, were not the first to wield this power.

This video looks at the various theories and possible explanation for where Dragons originally came from.

0:00 Intro 1:28 Theory 1: They came from the Fourteen Flames 2:01 Theory 2: Bloodmages turned Wyverns into Dragons 3:04 Theory 3: Crossbreeding with Firewyrms 4:10 Dragons predate Old Valyria 5:27 Theory 5: They came from “The Shadow” 6:14 Theory 6: Crossbreeding with… Humans!? 9:16 Bonus Theory: The Starks are part-White Walker 10:22 Why would the Shadow People hand Dragons over to Valyrians? 12:10 Theory 7: They came from… The moon!? 12:52 Conclusion

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