Stranger Things Season 4: Tiny Details Fans Only Noticed

As you know Stranger Things is a treasure trove of Easter Eggs, hidden details, pop culture references and crazy attention to detail and we have enjoyed rifling through over years and going through them. But even so, not every reference of Easter Egg is easy to find and it takes a super fan with eagle eyes on multiple viewings sometimes to actually notice them.

So we thought we would get our magnifying glasses out and scour through Season 4 once again looking for all those tiny details that you likely wouldn’t have noticed on the first time of viewing.

From the significance of character’s hairstyles, inconsistent birthdays, the importance of particular posters, hidden song titles listed in the background that foreshadow the plot, hidden meanings inside an already opened Easter Egg, shout outs to people who worked on the show, loving tributes to one of the world’s biggest icons, subtle nods to the Upside Down, call backs to events that happened earlier on in the show an of course an absolute plethora of references to classic horror movies and 80s pop culture. So get ready to get slimed as we head to the Upside Down and take a look at tiny details only fans noticed in Stranger Things Season 4.

What did you make of this video? Which was your favorite Easter Egg or hidden reference? Any that we misse…

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