Stranger Things Season 4: 10 Callbacks To Season 1

Stranger Things have happened and they seem to keep happening to the town of Hopkins, Indiana. That’s mostly down to a powerful telekinetic kid known to her friends as Eleven and her ability to access the Upside Down. With three seasons under their belt, Stranger Things has managed to build up quite a bit of lore as well as raise and answer questions, then raise some new ones. The show is meant to be a loving tribute to the science fiction and horror stories of the 80s including the works of Stephen King and Stephen Speilberg. Teenagers on bikes with flashlights taking on unimaginable horrors and saving the world despite the efforts of their parents to keep them out of danger. Unsuccessfully. While there’s a truckload of references to 80s pop culture, the show has also found ways to connect back to itself. Each season has had its own big bad, but it’s all been building up to connect the unimaginable horrors and take a peak at why they’re happening. How has the show looked back as it moves forward? We’ll get into how the seasons connect and how they relate to each other. Season 4 may only have the first part streaming, there’s already a lot of callbacks and shared references to go through. What’s your favorite callback in season 4? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the…

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