The Church Play Cinematic Universe

Actually I’m just bitter because I didn’t get the role of Sarabi.

Which comedic meme song would you have the youth pastor perform in your church play, a few years too late: Friday - Any song by The Lonely Island - Blue (da ba dee), in the Avatar play of course - Old Town Road - A minecraft cover of a popular song, changed slightly so that some of the minecraft lyrics are now christian lyrics -


00:00 Intro 01:42 Star Trek 05:52 Pirates of the Galilean 11:17 Robin of the Hood 15:34 The Princess Bride of Christ 19:27 The Dark Knight 22:30 Tombstone 26:39 Rock Star Wars 34:54 Back from the Future 42:05 Raider of the Lost Ark 47:15 Quest for the Holy Grail 51:41 The Avenger 59:51 Joy Story 1:08:36 The Lion King of Judah 1:15:34 Outro

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