Interview with “EMOTIONAL DAMAGE” Steven He | HAIYAA #18

A very special guest joins Nigel on the show this week. Steven He has been killing it with his YouTube channel and blew up around the same time as Nigel. They catch up about the difficulties of breaking into acting, whether or not they should do their “Asian” accents for entertainment and why Uncle Roger is the superhero stopping Western chefs from fucking up Asian food.

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0:00 - Where emotional damage came from 9:25 - What it was like Steven growing up in Ireland and breaking into acting 19:37 - Reflecting on Asia perceptions across social media and faking sponsorships 24:10 - Current living situations and is it ok to do the “Asian” accent? 32:00 - Blowing up online at the same time 42:22 - Using YouTube fame to produce content and Nigel wants Jamie Oliver to take him to court 47:30 - What it was like for Nigel to be cancelled and is Steven retiring Asian dad? 56:35 - How an Uncle Roger video is made and starting an Asian TikTok house 01:01:00 - Nigel appearing on British TV and teasing the Uncle Roger and Asian Dad collaboration

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