Aaron Rodgers got HUMBLED, the #Seahawks might have a pass rush, and other NFL Week 1 Thoughts

It’s great to be back to blabbing after a couple of weeks off. Thanks for sticking with me!

2:26 - Aaron Rodgers deserved to be humbled after the way he carried himself this offseason. And while Russell Wilson was annoying himself in the weeks leading up to 2021, he once again delivered on the field.

7:31 - The Seahawks pass rush had Carson Wentz - who actually played well - running for his life on Sunday. That’s noteworthy. Because isn’t the Colts offensive line good?

12:19 - Seattle’s offense impressed in the first half. But I already know what Shane Waldron’s biggest challenge is going to be as a first time offensive coordinator.

16:36 - The Texans will not go 0-17. Huzzah! But what’s it going to take for you to enjoy watching them again? You answer that question for me…because I sure don’t have it.

18:32 - Plus thoughts on things around the NFL, including…

  • Matt Stafford’s big debut
  • Why the Browns intrigue me more than any team not named the Chiefs in the AFC
  • Josh Allen doubters are chirping again, and rightfully so
  • The Patriots need to let Mac Jones do more
  • The 49ers actually were impressive…for a little bit
  • And why I’m more disgusted by the Titans than wowed by the Cardinals . . . . . Catch more takes like this on The Gallant Says Podcast every Tuesday and Friday.
  • iTun…

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